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23.01.2022 – 21:41


Munich (ots)

Eisbären Berlin deservedly prevail in the top game against EHC Red Bull Munich. “This time we were the better team. We wanted to go into the break with a win,” said Jonas Müller, with a view to the planned Olympic break, at least for the Berliners as the front runners. Cologne does not stop its series of bankruptcies: 9 defeats in a row are after the 1: 2 at the Düsseldorfer EG. The Cologne captain, Moritz Müller, struggles with the team’s performance after the game: “The game is long on the edge and then we shoot ourselves in the foot.” Mainly again by unnecessary penalties. The Nuremberg Ice Tigers, which are still weakened by Corona, get under the wheels in Ingolstadt at 1:10 and have to “critically question themselves” when it comes to Oliver Mebus: “We can’t go under like this here.” Ingolstadt impressed with 16:2 goals in 2 games.

Below are the most important voices of the day – if used, please name the source MagentaSport. Munich plays Nuremberg on Wednesday – the next derby is live from 7.15 p.m. MagentaSport showed all PENNY DEL games live.

EHC Red Bull Munich – Eisbären Berlin 1: 3

It said top game on it and it was top game in it. The Berliners win against Munich, with a big thank you to the polar bear keeper Mathias Niederberger. After three wins in a row, now another defeat for Don Jackson’s team. Benjamin Smith and why it wasn’t enough to win: “Unfortunately, there was a lot missing. We gave them a 3-point advantage and that’s not a good idea against Berlin. We fought well and gave it our all… I don’t like losing at all.”

Jonas Müller from the polar bears was relieved that the team was directly present: “Lately we’ve always had problems in the first period. But today we managed to be there from the start… Mathias Niederberger was there for us in the second period. Of course he’s always there for us, but today again extra.”Winning a direct competitor before the Olympic break is of course particularly good: “We wanted to go into the break with a win. It’s always tough against Munich and this time we were the better team… I’m still relaxed when it comes to the Olympics. You’re waiting to finally find out. When I’m there , the joy is of course huge.”

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ERC Ingolstadt – Nuremberg Ice Tigers 10:1

Almost a debacle for the Ice Tigers, who go down in the derby against the ERC. Weakened by Corona, Nuremberg started the game with 2 goalkeepers and 15 field players. The Ingolstadt team used the circumstances in a targeted manner. The ERC record from 2 games: 16:2 goals.

After the clear 10:1, Oliver Mebus from the Ice Tigers could hardly find the right words to say about the game: “It’s very difficult for me to find any words. We’ve always gotten the lid on here for the last two years. Corona and short bank or not, we have to go into the game differently. We can’t go down like this here. The Ingolstadt team are lifting Luck is always there for the game against us. We also had our chances, but everyone goes for them and we don’t. Nevertheless, we have to question ourselves critically.”

ERC defender and doubles goalscorer David Warsofsky was delighted with the performance after the game: “It was a great game. We know exactly where we stand and that was very important again today. We just played our game.” When asked whether the neon jerseys, in which the ERC has now won against Nuremberg for the fourth time in a row, are a good luck charm, Warsofsky also affirmed: “Yes, they seem to bring us luck. I think we will continue against Nuremberg put on the pink shirts.” “We lack income in the six-figure range”In the run-up to the game, the managing director of the ERC, Claus Liedy, commented on an open letter from “Indoor-Teamsport-Bayern” to Prime Minister Markus Söder: “The initiative is an association with the aim of loudly presenting common concerns so that politicians also hear them. Across the leagues of ice hockey, basketball, volleyball and handball, we are united by the fact that we have to play without spectators. This breaks a significant part of the Lost revenue… We hope our concerns are heard. The impact is dramatic. We’re missing six-figure revenue per game.”

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Düsseldorfer EG – Kölner Haie 2:1

The negative series of sharks continues. The 9th defeat in a row and 15 of the last 17 games were lost. The captain of the Cologne team, Moritz Müller, struggles with the team’s performance after the game: “The game is on a knife edge for a long time and then we shoot ourselves in the foot. We take penalties at the wrong moment and play too many shorthanded. That’s been a shortcoming for a long time… It’s frustrating. The break is coming just right for us. Just clear your head. We’re always a step too late at the moment.” Even before the game, Cologne coach Uwe Krupp was annoyed by the Corona situation: “We went out with the first Covid case at the beginning of December and then with 9 players and since then we’ve been lagging behind. We train with 11 players. We’re whole nicely affected by the matter.”

Marco Nowak, who was rumored to be moving to Berlin, also found a tight game: “It was hard-fought. We were better at first and then we made a stupid mistake and got the goal. But we came back straight away… There’s always a lot of writing, but let’s let people write and we’ll focus on hockey . I can’t confirm a move.”

The PENNY DEL at MagentaSport:

Tuesday, 01/25/2022

From 8.15 p.m.: Adler Mannheim – Krefeld penguins

Wednesday, 01/26/2022

From 7.15 p.m. EHC Red Bull Munich – Nuremberg Ice Tigers, Pinguins Bremerhaven – Schwenninger Wild Wings

Thursday, 01/27/2022

From 7.15 p.m.: Penguins Bremerhaven – Schwenninger Wild Wings

Friday, 01/28/2022

From 7 p.m.: Augsburg Panthers – Grizzlies Wolfsburg, ERC Ingolstadt – Krefeld Penguins, Iserlohn Rooster – Straubing Tigers, Nuremberg Ice Tigers – Adler Mannheim

Saturday, 01/29/2022

From 6.45 p.m.: Iserlohn Rooster – Straubing Tigers

Sunday, 01/30/2022

From 1:45 p.m.: ERC Ingolstadt – Bietigheim Steelers

from 4.45 p.m.: Augsburg Panthers – Nuremberg Ice Tigers

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