ZUS will pay the relatives the compensation. The family of the deceased pensioner will get money [11.10.2020]

The so-called the compensation for the relatives of the deceased pensioner born in 1953 will be paid by ZUS. On Tuesday, in “Pomorska”, a special guide on pensions for the 1953 age group. Don’t miss it!

Mrs. Grażyna called us from the district of Bydgoszcz. – My husband, born in 1953, died on February 3, 2019. From 2011, he was on an early retirement pension granted on the basis of the Teacher’s Charter. Then, in 2018, he retired. After him, children receive a survivor’s pension. I have heard that the family of a deceased pensioner born in 1953 is entitled to compensation. If so, what formalities do I have to complete at ZUS and when do I have time? – the Reader asks.

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ZUS will pay the relatives the compensation

Krystyna Michałek, the regional spokesman for the Social Insurance Institution of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship, replies that the reader does not have to do anything about it.

After January 11, 2021, the Social Insurance Institution will ex officio re-establish the amount of the universal pension on the basis of its calculation, and then recalculate the survivor’s pension from the general pension determined on the day of death of the Reader’s husband, i.e. February 3, 2019.

– ZUS will also pay the compensation. If e.g. survivor’s pension is paid on the tenth day of each month, we will pay the pension in the new amount on February 10 with the compensation from February 3, 2019 to January 31, 2021 – explains Krystyna Michałek.

Pensioners’ benefits will not be diminished
The insured persons born in 1953 lived to see the amending act implementing the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of March 6, 2019. On its basis, they can set the amount of the old-age pension for the first time or recalculate the amount of old-age and survivors’ pensions without reducing the amounts of early retirement pensions.

Persons born in 1953, regardless of gender, who have the right to early retirement determined on the basis of an application submitted before January 1, 2013, can benefit from favorable changes in the regulations.

ZUS pensions. They don’t need to apply

ZUS ex officio will redetermine the amount of the old-age pension to persons who have already determined the amount of the old-age pension, less the amounts of early retirement pensions. The ex officio recalculation will also apply to survivors’ pensions granted to eligible family members after those persons.

– This means that these people do not have to submit any application, ZUS will calculate the benefits after 6 months from the date of entry into force of this Act, i.e. after January 11, 2021.Possible submission of the application will not speed up the settlement of the matter – says Krystyna Michałek.

The new amount of the old-age pension will be determined without reducing the amounts of the earlier pensions. The benefit in the re-determined amount is due from the date of acquiring the right to old-age pension at general age or from the date on which the suspended pension was paid. If the re-determined amount of the benefit is higher than the old-age pension received so far, then ZUS will pay compensation.

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They must submit an application to ZUS

On the other hand, people who are in early retirement and have not yet applied for a state pension, to benefit from the favorable changes for the 1953 age group, must submit an application for a state pension no later than January 11, 2021.
Then the old-age pension will be calculated without reducing by the amounts of the earlier pensions.

On Tuesday, in Pomorska, a special guide devoted to pensions for 1953. We encourage you to read!


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