Zurich – A pensioner from Wädenswil fights against online criminals

A pensioner from Wädenswil fights against online criminals

A Zurich resident from Horgen lost 15,000 euros to an international criminal gang. He feels abandoned. But in the background, the public prosecutor is working flat out on these cases.

Fraudsters are still trying to seduce Swiss internet users with advertisements like this one.


Make money like Roger Federer or DJ Bobo? Sounds tempting. That’s what Anton Bauer thought (name changed). The pensioner came across such advertisements on the Internet two years ago. They pretended that the celebrities were talking about a “money printing machine” on television programs. Roger Federer is said to have said in an interview with Daniela Lager in “10 to 10” that they had invested in Bitcoin, and that he earned an “insane sum”.

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