Zumarraga | An elm tree in 9/11 New York

Enrique Zaldua will premiere on Saturday a documentary with images recorded after the attack on the Twin Towers

Con the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the attack on the Twin Towers, this Saturday Enrique Zaldua from Zumarragarra will present a documentary with unedited images of that event. The screening will be at 11.00 am at the Zumarraga house of culture and later there will be a debate.

In 2001 Zaldua was living in New York. “I remember that morning very well. It will have stuck with me because of what happened later. I worked at the magazine Time. I used to go to work later, but that day we had a meeting at eight. On the subway line that I took there used to be many Orthodox Jews, but that day, perhaps because of the hour, the car was half empty and I saw three people with djellaba. They got off in the area of ​​the Twin Towers. Obviously, it has nothing to do with what happened, but they are things that stick with you. In the middle of the meeting, they came in and said that a plane or helicopter had hit one of the Twin Towers. We are silent, but we continue with the meeting. As soon as we finished, we saw the second collision on television. We said nothing and headed to our jobs. It was clear that this was not a coincidence. “

The editors of the magazine Time they came to fear for their safety. “Time It is a symbol of the United States and a short time before we had dedicated the cover to Bin Laden, so we thought we could be in the spotlight. On the other hand, my nephew Urko had come to visit me, and that day he intended to go to the Empire State Building. I called him and told him not to go. What he did was go outside and take pictures. “

Zaldua had to work hard. Many Basque media contacted him to tell him what was happening. “I was in a place where something was being cooked and it was up to me to report.” Not surprisingly, it was one of the great events of the century. “20 years later, we are witnessing the closing of the cycle that began then.”

They will talk about all this in the talk after the screening. “In the documentary you can see images recorded by my nephew and me, on September 11, 13 and 17, 2001. They are unedited images, which reflect the atmosphere that was lived in New York those days. There are images of people that he was returning to Brooklyn from the Twin Towers area, from rescue work, from the search initiated by the victims’ families and from the vigils that were organized in the parks. “



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