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  • September 12, 2021

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  • Vasil Vassilev-Zueka emigrated with over BGN 1 million in savings. Thanks to the impressive amount, the actor can safely live without worries about tomorrow, together with his wife Ani Vicheva and their young son Stefan.

    Zueca’s surprise escape was revealed in a recent interview. In it, the comedian admitted that he had left the country for three months and had no plans to return here again. Except on vacation or guests with friends and relatives. The reason for his final decision is the disappointment with what is happening in the country, Weekend writes.

    “Almost nothing has changed in our country for 31 years. There are some things, but they are small. The main, essential thing that was supposed to change the life of the Bulgarians did not happen. We are the poorest country, the country that is not heard anywhere, that will always serve and will be very bad for the people, not for the rulers. It’s clear why, “cried the disappointed actor.

    Zueca declined to say where his new refuge was. He only clarified that in his new homeland there are laws that are obeyed, and politicians are not so thieving. Although 56 years old, Vassilev chose to flee abroad to secure a better future for his young son Stefan. The kid is already enrolled in the first grade and a week later he starts school, boasted the proud father.

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    Relatives of the actor revealed that the actor and his family have moved to Spain. His wife’s sister Anna Vicheva has lived there for years. For none of the three, the change of location is not a shock. They are still in the Spanish town almost every summer as guests. So it is this year, with the difference that after the break they forget to go back.

    Months after the fateful decision, Zueka’s family is also looking at new projects. His wife is already looking around a room in the city center to find a restaurant. The comedian, on the other hand, has fun drawing pictures around the clock. A passion he discovers in himself during a pandemic and the need to stay locked up at home. Although self-taught, Zueca has real talent, and his paintings sell like hot cakes because they are really good. The actor himself boasted that he has over 310 ready-made paintings, 260 of which have already been sold. His clients are Bulgarians from the USA and Western Europe. According to acquaintances, the price of each painting is between BGN 1,000 and 3,000. Thus, Zueca manages to earn nearly half a million leva in one year from her hobby alone. Beyond salary as a presenter.

    The idea to leave Bulgaria is far from spontaneous, say people close to the actor. Preparations for emigration began several years ago. For this purpose, Zueca began to sell his property. The house in the Sofia village of Lozen was taken out first on the counter. She was also his first family nest after they fell in love with Ani Vicheva. In 2013, Vassilev paid nearly BGN 400,000 for it. Immediately after the deal, major repairs and new furniture followed, which turned the neat house into a luxury home. At the birth of their son Stefan, the actor and his wife moved again to Sofia, and the house was sold for over half a million levs. After the family decided to emigrate, the apartment of 142 square meters in the top center of the capital was also sewn. According to acquaintances, the price is well over half a million.

    Separately, Zueca has quite solid savings, which will also be useful abroad. His participation in various shows, theater productions and films allows him to gain an enviable fortune. A large part of his fees are paid in the name of his company “Dream Artist”. Last year alone, the comedian earned nearly BGN 360,000, the company’s documents show. The amounts are similar for the previous five years.

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    The actor himself and his partner are not the most extravagant. For this and only from participation fees they manage to save a solid amount, their relatives say. With the money from the sale of real estate and paintings, the amount swells to over BGN 1 million. Thus, the happy emigrants in Spain can enjoy life in full, without thinking about the small worries. And with savings made with honest work.



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