Zuckerberg, ‘mole’ painted fake Facebook image – Last Hour

” they don’t make any sense. “

“We are deeply concerned – he writes – about issues such as safety, well-being and mental health. It is difficult to see a cover that misrepresents our work and our motivations. At the most basic level I think many of you do not recognize the false image of society that has been painted “.

Zuckerberg further stressed: “The argument that we deliberately push content that makes people angry for profit is profoundly illogical.” And then: “We make money on ads and advertisers are constantly telling us that they don’t want their ads to be near malicious or furious content. I don’t know of any tech company that wants to make products that make people angry or depressed. Moral, business and product incentives all point in the opposite direction. ” (HANDLE).


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