Zoya Amirin’s Tips Are Really Bold, Men Won’t Come Out Quickly

GenPI.co – Clinical sexologist Zoya Amirin M.Psi.,FIAS got a question from a man who complained that he quickly left when playing love with his wife.

It is known that the man and his partner are in a long-distance relationship and rarely meet to let go.

He specifically answered the man’s question in the educational video uploaded on his personal channel on November 2, 2020.

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Zoya gives surefire tips for activities playing love better quality because the husband is more durable in bed.

“First, indulge in self-service for 1-2 hours before playing love with your partner,” he said.

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The reason is that after coming out, men will experience a phase called refractory where a man’s weapon will decrease in sensitivity

“You’re not too ‘nice’ anymore when playing love with a partner,” explained Zoya.

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In addition to utilizing the refractory phase, Zoya also suggests extending the foreplay process and not going straight to the main menu.

Watch this video:



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