ZOH 2022 | ZOH ONLINE: The Bobsters did not have an introduction, the race was blown away by the wind. Slovaks are waiting for a big day

The German double bobsleighs rode the fastest in Beijing, completely occupying the podium. Even in the fours, all three medal pilots will compete and Francesco Friedrich is again the hottest candidate for gold. This season he won seven of the eight episodes of the World Cup, only in St. Moritz he was surprisingly ahead of the Latvian quadruple. Canadian “Justin Kripps, who shared gold in doubles with Friedrich in Pyongyang and Friedrich and is second in the World Cup, is likely to disrupt the” German “championship.

Czech pilot Dominik Dvořák and brakeman Jakub Nosk took fifteenth place in the double drums. Now Jan Šindelář and Dominik Záleský have joined them and their goal is to attack the top ten. However, the Czech quartet did not succeed in entering the competition; after the middle of the Olympic race, it is 22nd, losing 42 hundredths to the elite 20. Led by German Francesco Friedrich.

Beijing Olympic Games Program:
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2:30 acrobatic skiing – U-ramp men – final
2:30 four-legged men – 1st and 2nd run (Dvořák, Šindelář, Nosek, Záleský)
5:00 downhill skiing – parallel team slalom (Zabystřan, Krýzl, Nová, Sommerová) – postponed due to strong wind on Sunday from 2:00
8:00 cross-country skiing – 30 km freestyle with mass start men (Knop, Novák, Fellner)
7:50 Curling Men – Final: Sweden – Britain
8:00 speed skating – men and women mass start race (Zdráhalová)
12:00 figure skating – sports couple – free program
13:00 women’s double bobsleigh – 3rd and 4th ride
13:05 curling women – 3rd place: Sweden – Switzerland
14:10 hockey men – 3rd place: Slovakia – Sweden.

Speed ​​skater Nikola Zdráhalová will not enter today’s race with a mass start at the Beijing Olympics due to health reasons. “Nikola has stretched her thigh puller in preparation and unfortunately she is not able to enter such a top race,” said doctor Jaroslav Grodl.

Marathon challenge for a trio of Czechs

Russian runner Alexander Bolshunov has turned each of his four starts at the Games into a medal and will defend silver in Saturday’s marathon. Unlike previous games, the marathon is free technique, but Bolshunov masters it as well as the classics and certainly better than Fin IIvo Niskanen, who was the only one to beat him four years ago. There will also be three Czech national team players at the start, for whom Michal Novák’s 18th place in skiathlon is the best result so far in individual races. Due to extreme frosts and strong winds, the organizers shortened the race from the original 50 km to thirty.

Switzerland is the most successful country in downhill skiing with five gold medals, and in the final parallel slalom of mixed teams, it can repeat the triumph from Pyongyang, where this discipline had its premiere. The team left with Luca Aerni and Wendy Holdener, who had already won silver in combination and bronze in slalom in Beijing.

However, the race did not take place on Saturday due to strong winds. The team competition in parallel slalom with the Czech national team was supposed to start at 3:00 CET, but after two postponements it was finally postponed to Sunday from 2:00.

Photo: Denis Balibouse, Reuters

Kryštof Krýzl on the Olympic slalom track.Photo: Denis Balibouse, Reuters

Tereza Nová, Elese Sommerová, Kryštof Krýzl and Jan Zabystřan should defend the Czech colors in the area in Jen-ching. France awaits them in the first round of the elimination rounds. There are 15 teams registered, the highest-placed Austria has a free draw and is straight in the quarterfinals.

American acrobatic skier David Wise did not reach the golden Olympic hat-trick in the U-ramp. The reigning two-time champion finished second to New Zealander Nic Porteous in the final freestylists’ discipline at Genting Snow Park in Changjia. The trio of medalists, who in a different order copy the result of previous games in Pyongyang, was joined by the American Alex Ferreira.

XXIV. Beijing Winter Olympics:
Freestyle Skiing:
Men – U-ramp:
1. N. Porteous (NZL) 93.00
2. Wise 90,75
3. Ferreira (oba USA) 86.75
4. Bowman (Kan.) 84,75
5. Irving (USA) 80,00
6. Rolland (Fr.) 79,25
7. Blunck (USA) 78,25
8. Kenworthy (Brit.) 71,25
9. Mackay 65,50
10. D’Artois (or Kan.) 63.75.

Men & # 39; s Quadruple Run (2 out of 4):
1. Německo (Friedrich, Margis, Bauer, Schüller) 1:57.00 (58.29+58.71)
2. Germany (Lochner, Bauer, Weber, Rasp) -0.03 (58.13 + 58.90)
3. Canada (Kripps, Summer, Stones, Coakwell) -0.38 (58.38 + 59.00),
… 22. Czechia (Dvořák, Šindelář, Nosek, Záleský) -2.51 (59.71 + 59.80).
13:00, women’s double bobsleigh – 3rd and 4th ride.

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