ZOH 2022 | The hockey team remains in the same composition after the deadline for nominations for the Olympics

After the originally announced nomination on Thursday, January 13, Pešán emphasized that the nomination was not yet final, and expressed the assumption that it would – even in view of the current situation in the world – still change “dramatically”. In the end, however, despite the coronavirus problems, the team remained in the same lineup for a number of KHL players who had already joined the training. The last vacancy, which remained vacant for a long time, was filled by defender David Musil from Třinec on Saturday.

There are three goalkeepers, eight defenders and 14 forwards. In addition to them, Nedvěd and Pešán also compiled a list of 30 substitutes. “It has been possible to make changes to date, but the nomination, as previously reported, has not changed. There have been no changes that could have occurred due to the decline in performance. There was no reason for them. Now any change will only be possible from health reasons, “said Sigismund.

Twelve representatives from the interrupted KHL have had the opportunity to prepare on the ice of the O2 arena in Prague since last Monday. Today, five defenders Lukáš Klok, Libor Šulák, Ronald Knot, David Sklenička and Jakub Jeřábek and forward Radan Lenc and Lukáš Sedlák trained. The other five representatives are in quarantine.

“Finally, the number of players on the ice is growing, so it looks better visually as well.

“We started (last week) at four, then we were at five, but after the positive tests there were fewer of us again. I’ve been here since Monday and I’m very happy that we had this opportunity. It was harder that we it was not enough and one was very much in the team, but I prefer it because I needed to train properly, “praised defender Lukáš Klok.

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The national team planned to depart for two groups. The first part is to fly to Beijing by charter with the Czech Olympic team on Thursday, January 27. The second part of the hockey players with players from the extra league and other European competitions is to fly on February 2. “But it’s still a living thing that is constantly evolving. It’s certain that part of the team will fly off on January 27, the other with two planes on February 2, but what the composition of those crews will be in the end will depend on the test results,” he said. Sigismund.

Before the Olympics, the national team will have a training match with Sweden on Sunday, February 6. The Czechs will enter the tournament on Wednesday, February 9, with a match against Denmark. Two days later, the hockey players in the base group B will face Switzerland and will play against Russia on Saturday, February 12.

The basic groups will end on February 13, and after the day off, the qualifying matches of the preliminary round of the playoffs will follow on Tuesday, February 15. The day after that, it will be the turn of the quarterfinals, in which the group winners and the best team from the second places will advance directly, complemented by better teams from the preliminary round. The new Olympic winner will be announced on Sunday, February 20.

Nomination of Czech hockey players for the Olympic tournament in Beijing (February 9-20):
Simon Hrubec (Omsk / KHL; 21 national matches)
Roman Will (Čeljabinsk/KHL; 15)
Patrik Bartosak (Khabarovsk / KHL; 18)
Tomáš Kundrátek (73 matches / 8 goals)
David Musil (both Třinec; 47/0)
Lukáš Klok (Nizhnekamsk / KHL, 34/4)
Ronald Knot (Nizhnekamsk / KHL; 2/0)
Vojtech Mozik (Vladivostok / KHL, 48/4)
Libor Šulák (Vladivostok / KHL; 43/5)
Jakub Jerabek (Spartak Moscow / KHL; 63/5)
David Sklenička (Jokerit Helsinki / KHL; 56/1)
Michal Repik (Sparta, 89/27)
Vladimir Sobotka (Sparta; 44/9)
David Krejci (Olomouc; 35/7)
Tomas Hyka (Chelyabinsk / KHL, 29/6)
Lukáš Sedlák (Chelyabinsk / KHL; 12/5)
Hynek Zohorna (Oskarshamn / Sweden; 44/6)
Tomáš Zohorna (Oskarshamn / Sweden; 110/18)
Roman Červenka (Rapperswil-Jona / Switzerland; 157/40)
Michael Frolík (Lausanne / Switzerland; 52/12)
Jan Kovář (Zug / Švýc .; 142/36)
Radan Lenc (Khabarovsk / KHL; 41/7)
Jiří Smejkal (Pelicans Lahti / Fin .; 22/2)
Matěj Stránský (Davos / Switzerland; 32/6)
Michael Špaček (Frölunda / Sweden; 22/2)
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