ZOH 2022 | Röiseland added a third gold. Despite an error on each item, David improved by thirteen places

Röiseland consolidated her lead for more than a minute with both clean beds. Her opponents made enough mistakes during the constant snowfall accompanied by a strong wind, so that not a single mistake in shooting while standing could threaten Norka on the way to the next gold. She could rejoice on the last departure from the shooting range, because at that moment the second Elvira Öberg lost almost two minutes to her.

Another Norwegian, Ingrid Tandrevoldová, who had one shooting balance as well as her winning compatriot, also ran for the Swede from third place. But for the last two kilometers she absolutely froze, she literally reached the finish line in 14th place and collapsed there in the care of paramedics. In the end, the Italian Dorothea Wiererová lost her medal chance, so after the free bronze, the much-moving Norwegian biathlete Tiril Eckhoff reached number 11.

Photo: Kim Hong-ji, Reuters

Markéta Davidová during the shooting in the Olympic fighter race.Photo: Kim Hong-ji, Reuters

The Czechs did not intervene in the events at the top of the race. Unfortunately, Markéta Davidová made a mistake in every item, which thwarted her plan for a more significant shift from 41st place after the start. The sixth running time did show, but the national team was far from satisfied.

Lucie Charvátová, starting with number 25, had to add an extra 300 meters to the shooting range after the first stop, which was unfortunately a significant drop in the standings. But then she showed more stable items, worked hard on the track and bravely fought for participation in Saturday’s 12.5 km race with a mass start. She finished the fighter in 34th position and had to feverishly count if she would fit into the 30 biathletes who complete the last biathlon competition. Eventually, she survived and advanced to Saturday’s massacre.

Photo: Athit Perawongmetha, Reuters

Czech biathlete Jessica Jislova on the track of a fighter race.Photo: Athit Perowongmetha, Reuters

Jessica Jislová of the Czech quartet managed to shoot the fighter best, but she really had a lot of trouble skiing and was thirty-fifth in the finish. Tereza Voborníková did not even hit four targets on the opening bed and returned the very last from the penalty round, and in the end she was caught by the round after the third stop at the shooting range, so she did not finish the fighter race at all.

Women & # 39; s Pursuit (10 km):
1. Röiselandová (Nor.) 34: 46.9 (1st circuit),
2. E. Öbergová (SWE) -1: 36.5 (3),
3. Eckhoffová (Nor.) -1:48,7 (3),
4. Solova (White) -1: 58.9 (3),
5. Persson (SWE) -2: 07.2 (2),
6. Wiererová (It.) -2:09,1 (3),
7. Hauser (AUT) -2: 09.8 (2),
8. Simonová (Fr.) -2:18,3 (2),
9. Hojnisz-Stareg (POL) -2: 28.8 (2),
10. P. Fialková (SR) -2:38,8 (2),
28. David -4: 02.9 (4),
34. Charvátová -4:56,3 (4),
35. Jislova -5: 07.6 (2),
Voborníková (all Czech Republic) caught up in the round.

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