ZOH 2022 | Like a biathlon war! The innkeeper remembered in vain the harder race

Beijing (from our newsletter) – The consolation for him can be at least a close progress to Friday’s race with a mass start.

Conditions in the men’s fighter were extreme at times, how did you deal with them?

Incredibly. It was like a biathlon war. I remember if I ever experienced a harder race in terms of conditions, changes in the wind at the shooting range, altitude … Challenging with everything.

What caused you the most trouble?

Probably a track. There was no passage where it would somehow leave. There were huge differences in material, some went downhill and some didn’t. It wasn’t hard under the feet, such a mixture.

The women in the race in front of you also complained about the frost.

I was relatively comfortable with that, I was preparing for the winter and I did not underestimate her. I’m most sorry for the wind on the first stand I caught. I left time there, and four more mistakes. A total gust came. My race collapsed there. It was great after the beds, I did what I wanted, but I couldn’t do the handstands.

You arrived at the third shooting as the twelfth, did it make sense to wait for better conditions?

It was difficult to judge whether to wait or shoot. I waited for a while, but it didn’t stop, so I tried to shoot and it didn’t fall. They told me everything was half an inch to the right, not far away. I’m sorry. Just a race at the Olympics, that’s a shame. It was about luck, and the races at big events don’t deserve it.

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Photo: Roman Vondrouš, ČTK

Michal Krčmář was betrayed by the shooting in the fighter.Photo: Roman Vondrouš, CTK

Would it be fairer to postpone the race to the next day?

It’s hard, on the shot it was fair, the wind picked up with the start. I would not blame the judges, they could hardly react. I don’t even want to say that whoever gave the record was lucky. There is certainly a great deal of skill and good luck to those who are prepared.

Photo: Roman Vondrouš, ČTK

Michal Krčmář finally made it to Friday’s race with a mass start.Photo: Roman Vondrouš, CTK

Did you register the collapse of Norka Tandrevold in a women’s fighter before the start?

I saw it and said to myself that you just don’t want to see this before the start, it won’t add much to you. It is the result of where we race and how demanding the program is.

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