ZOH 2022 | Icy Beijing. About Czech biathlon with the world champion and the situation in the hockey team

At previous games in Sochi and Pyongyang, Czech biathlon fans enjoyed the medal joy they had been waiting for in vain. Although Markéta Davidová fought for the podium in the race with a mass start until the last moment. But the last blow betrayed her again and she cried the final fourth place. Michal Krčmář 21, the only Czech in the starting field, finished in the men’s race.

Michal Šlesingr, a member of the recent golden Czech generation, talked to the moderator Libor Bouček about how much he missed the Czech medal and about the state of Czech biathlon in a generational change in the studio.

The situation in the Czech national hockey team, which flew home on the night from Thursday to Friday, remains a big topic. Experienced journalists Robert Sára and Martin Kézr discussed the national team, the position of its head coach Filip Pešán and hockey in our country.

The performance of Slovak hockey players, who had hopes for a fight for gold after the semi-final defeat from Finland, also came to the fore.

The guest of the studio was the gunner of the Czech hockey team Tereza Vanišová, who is also a partner of the Slovak national team member Adrián Holešinský.

Of course, the editors of Sport.cz also got the floor directly from the venue. Michal Osoba, Jan Škvor and Pavel Novotný brought fresh information about biathlon, hockey and also figure skating from Beijing.

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