ZOH 2022 | HOCKEY ONLINE: Canada lost the derby, Germany had problems with China. Switzerland is coming

A quartet of shooters took part in the triumph of the Americans, and Captain Andy Miele recorded assistance in addition to the goal.

The Canadians, who defeated the silver medalists from Pyongyang on the German 5: 1 on Thursday, took the lead in 1:24 after Robinson’s shot from the mantinel, which surprised goalkeeper Manna. The Americans rushed in with a response in 70 seconds. Striker Miele solved the renumbering of two to one with a backhand ending under the top bar. At the end of the first period, Meyers completed a turn after Farrell’s pass, which scored five points in the opening duel with China with an 8-0 win.

Canada almost made it at the beginning of the second half, but McTavish hit the crossbar. Players from the maple leaf country soon regretted it, as they immediately collected for the third time. Goalkeeper Pasquale drove to the back fence, but due to Smith’s light tap into the stick, he did not catch the puck and Smith quickly passed him in front of the goal on the finishing Brisson.

Canadian defender Noreau then fired a stick. Neither did Staal. Paradoxically, the nine-time Olympic champions only weakened when Knight, who overcame Mann, stood at the end of the two-on-one renumbering. At the end of the middle period, Noreau’s shot in a power play directed his teammate O’Dell to the crossbar.

In the 47th minute, the USA bounced again by two goals. With a pass, Miele charged Agostin first, who shot Pasquale.

Photo: Annegret Hilse, Reuters

Americans Brian O’Neill and Andy Miele celebrate a goal against Canada.Photo: Annegret Regards, Reuters

The Canadians failed to reduce the power play by five to three, even after a 31-second power play. Then the overall number one in the last NHL draft, Back Power, hit the top bar.

The USA will compete against Germany in the group’s final duel on Sunday. Canada, which was taken over by coach Claude Julien after injuries from a training camp in Switzerland before today’s match, will face China.

Germany had problems with China

The German hockey players defeated China 3: 2 at the Beijing Olympics. The victor Dominik Kahun scored the winning goal in the 25th minute. The silver defenders were already leading by three goals, but the home team dramatized the match.

In the first duel of the Olympic tournament, Germany lost to Canada 1: 5 and China suffered a debacle from the Americans 0: 8. Jiří Ondráček, one of the Czech line judges, whistled for a duel of hitherto unsuccessful teams.

Photo: Annegret Hilse, Reuters

Chinese hockey players rejoice at the goal.Photo: Annegret Regards, Reuters

Pietta scored in the middle of the opening period, but China successfully took on the coaching challenge and the goal did not pay. German captain Moritz Müller had previously illegally hit goalkeeper Smith, who was unable to intervene.

The favorite did not regret it for a long time, as he had already laid the foundations for winning in the first period. Two defenders scored between the 14th and 17th minutes. Brandt, who arrived for Smith’s own missile, first succeeded, followed by Holzer.

In the 25th minute, the Germans increased. Moritz Müller threw the puck from the blue and Kahun deftly ran it into Smith’s counter-movement. The selection of coach Söderholm seemed to reach three points without any problems, but the Chinese did not give up.

Photo: David W Cerny, Reuters

Chinese hockey players celebrate a goal in the German net.Photo: David W Cerny, Reuters

Forty-five seconds before the end of the second period, he beat Niederberger from the Spencer Foo. Unlike a single goal, the home team caught up in 49:00 after Wong fired from the first in a power play. The quarterback Sproul made the second record in the match. In the end, the Chinese tried the game without a goalkeeper, but they couldn’t cope.

The Germans will finish the group with the USA on Sunday, which scored fully in both matches. China will face bronze defender Canada.

The Swiss and the Danes have been playing in the Czech group B since 2:10 p.m. The players of the Helvetic Cross played a tough match with the selection of Russia, to which they finally lost only 0: 1. Even with the Czechs, it was a very balanced battle, which was decided only by raids, in which none of the Swiss executors prevailed against the flawless Hrubec. Denmark did not follow up on the sensational victory over the Czech Republic against the Russians. For a long time, however, at 0: 1, it held the hope of equalizing. That did not come in the end and the Russians decided the match with a goal in the empty 6 seconds before the end.

Beijing Olympic Games – Men’s Hockey Tournament:
Canada – USA 2: 4 (1: 2, 1: 1, 0: 1)
Goals and recordings: 2. M. Robinson (Ho-Sang, E. Staal), 35. C. Knight (Winnik) – 3. Miele (O’Neill, Kampfer), 19. Meyers (Farrell, Sanderson), 23. Brisson (N. Shore), 47. Agostino (Miele). Judges: Ansons (Latvia), Björk (Sweden) – Hynek (CZE), McCrank (Kan). Exclusion: 2: 3. No use. Weakening: 1: 0. Attendance: 948.
Kanada: Pasquale – Power, M. Robinson, Wotherspoon, Noreau, Barberio, Demers, A. Grant – McTavish, E. Staal, Ho-Sang – C. Knight, Weal, Tambellini – Street, O’Dell, Johnson – Winnik, Cracknell, Desharnais – McBain. Trenér: Claude Julien.
USA: Mann – Kampfer, Ness, Warsofsky, Faber, Sanderson, Cooper, Perbix – O’Neill, Miele, Agostino – Abruzzese, Beniers, Knies – Farrell, Meyers, Cates – McLaughlin, N. Smith, Brisson – N. Shore. Trenér: David Quinn.
Germany – China 3: 2 (2: 0, 1: 1, 0: 1)
Goals and recordings: 14. Brandt, 17. Holzer (Kahun), 25. Kahun (Moritz Müller, Rieder) – 40. S. Foo (Chelios, Sproul), 50. Wong (Yip, Sproul). Judges: Reneau (USA), Sidorenko (BEL) – Oliver (USA), Ondracek (Czech Republic). Penalty: 6: 3. Utilization: 0: 1. Attendance: 804.
Německo: Niederberger – Holzer, Wagner, Brandt, Moritz Müller, Abeltshauser, J. Müller, Bittner – Rieder, Pföderl, Noebels – Loibl, Kahun, Tiffels – Plachta, Pietta, Wolf – Krämmer, Kühnhackl, Ehliz – Hager. Trener: Toni Söderholm.
China: J. Smith – Sproul, Osipov, Schultz, Chelios, Fram, Yuen, Chen Qing, Chang Pengfa, Yen Zhunan – S. Foo, Lockhart, P. Foo – Yip, Wong, Chang Ce -sen – C. Kane, Werek, Juncheng – Zhong, Jing Zhu-ti. Coach: Ivano Zanatta.
14:10 Switzerland – Denmark

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