Zoersel fathers write second open letter to Aldi about … (Zoersel)

Emery Frijters (rear) and Dirk Somers. In the meantime, they have each transferred 50 euros directly to the account of the Child Poverty Fund. The equivalent of 200 loaves. © Mia Uydens


At the beginning of this week, two fathers from Zoersel, Emery Frijters and Dirk Somers, wrote an indignant open letter to Aldi about the multi-chance bread, of which 0.50 cents per sold bread goes to the Children’s Poverty Fund. They find it inappropriate that the bread is 0.50 cents more expensive than the other Aldi breads and that the consumer and not the discounter is making the financial effort. Because Aldi’s answer – that it is about healthier and more expensive bread – does not satisfy them, the two fathers sent another open letter on Thursday.

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