ZNPP employee on tour for the IAEA: It was a circus

Photo: Energoatomo

Zaporozhye nuclear electric power plant

The occupants did not make it possible for the mission personnel to communicate by yourself with the plant staff and are convinced that there had been “chemical protection troops” on the territory of the station and not fight units.

This was mentioned by a person of the workers of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear electricity plant, on situation of anonymity To the communitythat the inspectors of the IAEA mission on Thursday 1 September moved all over the station and communicated with the personnel of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear electrical power plant in the existence of the Russian army and workforce of Rosatom.

“They brought Grossi and the inspectors together their route, showed” arrival maps “and introduced them community collaborators with statements from” caring citizens “about the require to prevent the bombing. It was a circus,” reported the Znpp staff. .

He reported the Russians certain mission associates that in the station the radiological, chemical and biological defense troops and not the battle units of the Russian army, but the ZNPP were being bombing the Ukrainian armed forces.

Following the head of the mission, Rafael Grossi, and most of the delegation members left the station, some associates of the IAEA remained in Energodar, will stay in a resort and will watch the operate of the station for a number of days.

Don’t forget September 1st The IAEA mission arrived at the Zaporozhye nuclear energy plantregardless of the obstacles and provocations of the Russian occupiers.

Subsequently, IAEA Director Common Rafael Grossi said so The IAEA mission managed to see “crucial items” through the very first hrs of the take a look at.

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