Zmn v remasterovanm Mass Effectu bude nejspe vce, ne se ekalo


Until the release of the eagerly awaited Mass Effect remaster, only a few blogovm pspvku konn podn explained how much the novelty will be different from the original.

The combat system of the first debt was significantly reworked.

Most logically, the oldest first record, which was released in 2007, will record the most changes. In addition to the significant graphic improvements, the cars did not even bend directly into the game mechanisms and in a fundamental way they dug up the combat system.

At the time, it was designed with fans of traditional RPGs in mind, and to a large extent it relied on a coincidence, not entirely unlike the classic dice roll. However, this both led to absurd situations, where the characters had a fight even in clear situations, or they managed to stop even from a shotgun to the head. The type and length, on the other hand, were quite regular sprays, which cars want to get as close to as possible.

The weapons will not have such a scatter, the possibility of a so-called headshot, cover behind the pieces, a distribution order to his comrades-in-arms or, for example, the time of recharging has increased. All these ranges, however, somewhat decided the balance of the game, and so had to change the amount of experience, the speed of sticking up the character of the character and you deployed cover on individual battleships.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Driving in a space truck was the least devoid of Mass Effect.

Although it is not explicitly written in a relatively large article, it will be significantly simplified as a result, or if you want to make the game more accessible to this day. So you don’t have to unload the wrong one, see you for a complete rework of the Mako cart, which was originally unloaded.

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Their horses responded to the question of what the end of this debt would look like. In order to achieve the best resolution, it was originally necessary to spend some time in the muliplayer mode, which will not be included in the remastered edition. This is done so that the quality of the end is determined by the fulfillment of optional bowls from the lengths.

Therefore, if you proceed sri chronologically and your character is honest with a penet, you should not run out of anything. And go no ask, so yes, so much criticized twist animationit is immediately replaced in the remaster by its extended version, which the fans dug out after the game was released.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition vychz 14. Kvtna na PC, xboxech i PlayStationech.



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