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Zlatan Ibrahimovic: Revisiting His Career at the Trento Sports Festival


The Swede retraced his long career from the stage of the Trento Sports Festival

15 ott 2023

“All’Inter the strongest Ibra ever? I felt stronger than when I was at Juventus, more complete but not at my best. Mancini it gave me confidence and responsibility. Before me, Inter hadn’t won the Scudetto for 17 years, then we won it for three years in a row.” From the stage of the Trento Sports Festival, Zlatan Ibrahimovic looked back over his long career. “Balotelli? She has had many opportunities to take advantage of her talent and change her future. She never did, that’s the truth.” The heel of Lion in the Champions League against Newcastle compared to that of SuperMario: “No no, you can’t even compare it. If he scores a goal there he’s a genius. Only geniuses understand what they have to do there. That’s why he’s there and Balotelli is in the stands. Better Zlatan or Leao? Zlatan, but Zlatan created Leao…”. On the future: “Now I have more offers than when I played, but I want to continue making a difference. I don’t want to be a symbol. Milan? I had a few meetings, let’s see.”

On the transfer to Barcelona: “Going to Barcelona was everyone’s dream at that time. I had given everything at Inter and I wanted to grow and improve. “I was lucky enough to win trophies that I hadn’t won before. When Barcelona called me I was excited, I had done my best at Inter. I wanted to grow even more and try other challenges to understand and test myself, it was a challenge with myself. The first six months went well, then the atmosphere and thoughts changed.
The semi-final with Inter in the Champions League? If there had been VAR, things would have gone differently.”

A memory of Mino Raiola: “My career began with him. I acted arrogant and so did he, but in the end I gave up a bit because I needed it. I met a fantastic person, he became like a father and a friend. An advisor, everything. What I went through, I went through with him. I spoke to him every day. We grew together in our careers. We became strong together. During his illness I was with Mino almost every day in his last period of life. It wasn’t easy , when you see a person in difficulty it’s difficult. There was a lot of emotion. I wanted to take away the fixed thought of the illness, I brought him energy and positivity instead of talking about his illness”.

Juve’s championships: “It’s 38, not 36. Because we fought every day for all the matches and we did everything on the pitch. Whoever was in that team knows what they did: we showed that we were the strongest in Italy. That’s why I say it’s 38 “.

The last scudetto with Milan: “It was the championship from which I had the most satisfaction. It was a situation where the team was not favoured, not even top 4. They were players who were not superstars. It was not a team he was used to playing for: I always played for favored teams In this Milan, however, it was the opposite. Little by little this group was formed, never had such a strong collective group.
Tonali? I know little about this story. Never heard from him, never seen him in difficulty and never seen him in pain. Judging before you know you don’t know. We need to understand what the situation is.”

On Berlusconi: “I had a good relationship with Berlusconi, he has an aura. He was mister Milan. Since he took over Milan, Milan became football, he changed the history of football and Milan. He brought me happiness back after the difficult times of Barcelona. It’s thanks to him that I went to Milan. Then from there a relationship grew and we often talked about many things. He told me how I should play, move. He stimulated me as a person and as a footballer.”

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