Zinédine Zidane (Real Madrid) : “We adapt to the situation” – Foot – ESP – Real

Zinédine Zidane (Real Madrid coach, winner of Eibar 3-1) : “The feeling, it is good, even if it is a bit weird (to play without audience). But we are so glad to be back on a football field, the players, and then me as a coach, that this is not serious, it adapts to the situation, which is a bit weird. The message, really, is be happy to return to competition.

(On the subject of the complementarity between Karim Benzema and Eden Hazard) For those who love football, it is a treat to see them combine. On the second goal that it was set in particular, which is a delight, with a pass from Eden for Sergio (Ramos). We will enjoy this (Sunday) evening, and we hope that we go up in power. We will need all the players, but we will need to do better at the next game. “


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