Zinc Deficiency Symptoms and Foods for Optimal Health

Zinc Deficiency Symptoms and Foods for Optimal Health

Taking adequate doses of zinc supports the functioning of a number of tissues and organs in the body, general health and the immune system.

The valuable trace element is not synthesized on its own in the body, which makes its intake necessary through food or nutritional supplements. Eating foods rich in zinc can ensure adequate intake of the mineral in the necessary daily doses, if, of course, the patient knows that he is suffering from a zinc deficiency.

As with other vitamin and mineral deficiencies, there are symptoms that most clearly indicate a zinc deficiency. Recognizing these symptoms, as well as knowing which foods are the richest in zinc, will help you include them in your menu in a timely manner, before reaching the consequences of a prolonged deficiency.

Among the first symptoms of zinc deficiency are loss of appetite, hair loss, delayed growth and development in young children and infants, lethargy, changes in taste and smell.

However, these symptoms are very common and are not typical and characteristic only of zinc deficiency, so they can rarely immediately direct the patient or his doctor to monitor the levels of the mineral in the body. There are more tangible symptoms that are easier to associate with zinc deficiency.

Two of them are:

Skin irritations, difficult wound healing, acne at an age when you should have forgotten about the pimples of youth, rashes and skin problems, as well as “patchy” hair loss, can easily indicate a zinc deficiency to the doctor.

Rashes and skin changes are most prominent in zinc-deficient children. These are extremely typical – a rash around the eyes, nose, mouth and buttocks, hair loss, combined with diarrhoea.

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Anyone can get the flu and have periods of temporary discomfort caused by colds and viruses, but if the periods of discomfort are much more frequent and longer than usual, it’s time to monitor your vitamin and mineral levels.

Immune system problems are most common in patients suffering from zinc, magnesium, vitamin D and vitamin C deficiencies.

A quick test can reveal whether you need to revise your daily menu and include more zinc-rich foods in it to cope with the deficiency and enjoy good and stable health. Following several studies, scientists have proven that zinc intake during viral diseases reduces the duration of the disease.

A 2021 systematic review and meta-analysis of 28 randomized controlled trials in patients with viral respiratory tract infections found that zinc lozenges reduced the duration of illness by 2 days. If you are sick for a long time, check if you are suffering from a zinc deficiency.

Speaking of an adequate intake of zinc, it is important to know the foods that provide the body with generous doses of the mineral, since it is not synthesized in the body.

Among the most valuable sources of zinc are:

Keep in mind, however, that zinc from meat and seafood, i.e. of animal origin, and that of plant origin are not absorbed equally. Zinc of animal origin is absorbed much more completely.

Zinc absorption from mixed meals or diets containing a combination of animal and plant sources of zinc is lower than from meals containing only zinc-rich animal foods.

In other words, if you suffer from a zinc deficiency, proven by research and have clear and pronounced symptoms of zinc deficiency, it is best to rely on local foods to quickly and easily get the necessary amounts of zinc and maintain your health and improve your current state of health, according to actualno.com.

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In this case, you can also rely on the help of food supplements, but after consulting your doctor, exquis.ro quotes.

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