Žilková rejoices: In the end, everything is different!

Her son Cyril suffered a heart attack! Because she has a congenital heart defect, she was understandably very afraid of him. In the end, however, everything turned out well. “My son was released from the hospital after three weeks and his heart is fine.” an actress who was lucky without herself confided in tn.cz.

Žilková signed her memories: She came straight from the drips!

Slowly but surely, she is trying to deal with a divorce, which she probably won’t miss. Žilková but she said she still loves her husband, even more than her life, and she doesn’t want to divorce. Stropnický but he is adamant and it seems that a happy ending will not come in this case. Even though Veronika would have liked him very much.

Žilková’s son Vincent Navrátil celebrated his mother 60: Dear gift can give every jerk!

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