Žilková again in one round. She described how she is doing after a serious illness

Veronika Žilková suffered a serious illness that, according to her, was life-threatening. She was hospitalized for a week and took a break from social media for a while. However, fans can rest easy, the popular actress has already fully recovered and returned to the stage. He is said to be in one round now.

Veronika Žilková experienced a collapse and a quick transfer to the hospital some time ago. Fortunately, the actress bravely fought the serious illness and returned to her work duties. She regularly exercises again with her followers on social networks, and the audience can look forward to seeing her in several performances.

“I’m already working normally. I play in Bolka Polívky Theater in Brno, where I have been performing S láská, Mary for two years. On Saturday, I presented the Film Critics Awards. I rehearse at the Broadway Theater every day, so I’m not feeling well at all,” Veronika Žilková confided to the editors of TN.cz.

“It was a sudden thing. I was sick for 14 days, in the hospital for a week, but I’m completely fine now,” the sixty-one-year-old actress described difficult times. Fortunately, she was helped by doctors from the Central Military Hospital in Prague’s Střešovice, who, according to her, saved her life.

“I’ve been working full-time for a week and rehearsing the theater play I, the Dictator with Lukáš Pavlásek and Tomáš Matonohá. On Friday I’m playing with Honza Dědek, on Saturday I’m playing Okno mé lásky at the Broadway Theater, so I am again immersed in the work process,” the well-known actress explained that she is now overwhelmed with responsibilities.

“Even though I had a sudden illness that required hospitalization, I’m perfectly fine,” Veronika Žilková reassured all her fans who were worried about her because of the silence on social networks. Fortunately, Žilková soon recovered from her problems, took medication and regularly exercises with her fans again.

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Veronika Žilková was hiding a serious illness. She spent a week in the hospital:


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