Ziggy Krassenberg experiences groundbreaking dental transformation in Turkey.

| door Steve Stiffbone

In the Netherlands we also have a number of phenomena that can be called special. One of them is Ziggy Krassenberg, who you may remember from his ‘K2 seeks K3’ audition. Ziggy is also busy on social media and at the time of writing he even has over 316K followers on Tik Tok. And with such a nice number you can call yourself a real influencer.

And so does Ziggy. For example, he went to Turkey to get a whole mouth full of new teeth. It is generally known that many people then regret it as hair on their head, but also that you can have yourself re-implanted in Turkey. Ziggy also made such a famous ‘teething’ video and that is actually quite terrifying. Folks, don’t! Through Ziggy.

Meanwhile K2 is looking for K3: Ziggy is quite a personality…

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