Zidane accused of having “something personal” against Gareth Bale

The one who was a companion of Gareth Bale in the ranks of Tottenham, the English David Bentley, has accused Zinedine Zidane of being the main person in charge of the delicate situation that the attacker of the Real Madrid. The former soccer player believes that behind the Welsh’s repeated substitution are personal reasons.

“I can’t believe what is happening to him. I think Zidane was not happy even when he scored in the Champions League finals. It seems personal to me. Bale is not even arrogant. He is a calm guy, he does his part and he does not socialize much, So they might think he’s arrogant. It bothers me because I always cared about him and we still talk today. He’s a lovely guy but he’s being held back. “, he asserted during an interview with 888Sport.

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