Zhuang Yuncheng takes a photo with actor Zhang Yaoyang, known for his villainous roles

Zhuang Yuncheng shared a photo with Zhang Yaoyang today.

Zhuang Yuncheng (Xenia), who was developed under the name of Zhuang Duaner, once again attracted the attention of the audience because of her participation in last year’s blockbuster movie “The Corridor of Justice”. Zhuang Yuncheng is active on social platforms, sharing sexy and beautiful photos from time to time to satisfy netizens. Today, she released a new Po, and she took a photo with Zhang Yaoyang, who is good at acting villains, in the same frame.

Cheung Yiu Yang will be 60 years old next month. He was active in the Hong Kong film industry in the 1980s and became popular across the Taiwan Strait with his role as “The Crow” in the “Young and Dangerous” series. In recent years, Zhang Yaoyang has shown off his gray hair and beard to others. I saw Zhuang Yuncheng’s new photo released today. Zhang Yaoyang is not old. He wears a shirt with flying nails. ah”.


Zhang Yaoyang’s villain image on the big screen was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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