Zhou Jiuliang’s live broadcast of Meng Hetang reunited, fancy campaigns and wonderful interactions

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At 7 pm on December 24, the live broadcast of Deyun’s crosstalk actor Zhou Jiuliang opened on time, and his partner Meng Hetang appeared in the live broadcast room to help out, bringing audiences Northeast small tunes, popular vibrato songs, “silent” support, etc. Talent show, canvassing for oneself.

Live broadcast data shows that in the first 10 minutes of the show, the number of simultaneous online users in Zhou Jiuliang’s Douyin live broadcast room quickly exceeded 200,000. As of the end of the live broadcast at 9 o’clock that night, the highest number of simultaneous online users was 413,000, with a total of over 50 million likes and 959 viewers. Ten thousand, aroused the attention of the whole network.

  Tangliang combination recombined, fancy canvassing

Deyun class master Guo Degang has repeatedly revealed that this Longzike enrollment will be his last large-scale apprenticeship. He hopes to find more talented and love crosstalk disciples through the Douyin platform, and promote traditional culture. The director of the admissions office was selected from the four disciplines of Yunhe Jiuxiao to assist him in completing the enrollment plan.

Before I saw him, he heard his voice first, and accompanied by a burst of cheerful singing, Zhou Jiuliang, one of the candidates for the director of the admissions office, came into the spotlight and brought a “stand-up comedy” to the Douyin audience at the beginning. Speaking of the intention of this live broadcast, Meng Hetang directly doubled out: “You have one vote, I have one vote, and Jiuliang will debut tomorrow! If you don’t vote for me, when will Jiuliang escape?” While canvassing for his partner Zhou Jiuliang We called on everyone to sign up, which caused netizens to leave messages and interact frequently.

Seeing the enthusiasm of the barrage fans, Zhou Jiuliang took out a small blackboard and everyone voted for himself and campaigned for the director of the admissions office. “Now click on the voting entrance in the upper right corner and vote for me as the director of the admissions office. Search on Douyin for’De Yunsha ‘, click to participate in the event, and you will be eligible for the lottery by participating in the voting every day.” Make eye contact with the audience in the live broadcast room. Cao Heyang and Zhu Hesong appeared in surprise, pushing the atmosphere of the live broadcast room to a climax, and calling for Zhou Jiuliang.

Zhou Jiuliang's live broadcast of Meng Hetang reunited, fancy campaign and wonderful interaction

  “Tips” cheats: “Speaking” skills

It is understood that Guo Degang gave each of Yunhe Jiuxiao’s 4th Subject Admissions Office Director a tip during his live broadcast. Zhang Yunlei and Meng Hetang have respectively announced the “sing” token and “joy” in the live broadcast of the previous two days. “The word token, the so-called cross talk emphasizes four subjects, “Speaking, learning and singing”. Guo Degang’s intentions are clear at a glance-allowing the apprentice to experience the process of running for the director of the admissions office.

Zhou Jiuliang opened the kit brought by his partner Meng Hetang in the live broadcast room. What he received was a token of the word “say”, and a quote from master Guo Degang, “Speak all over the world”. When talking about the understanding of the word “saying”, Zhou Jiuliang and Meng Hetang sang a harmony, saying, “There are university questions, and only those who are professional in cross talk can understand. This “saying” refers to poems, couplets, riddles, and word interpretation. Consciousness, tongue twisters, anyway words, inverted words, allegorical words, witty words, short jokes, anecdotes and anecdotes, etc., are the basic skills of cross talk.” In order to proof the newcomers of Longzike, Zhou Jiuliang sang a small tune in the live broadcast room and talked with “roommates.” “Zhu Hesong tacitly cooperated with the performance of the bamboo board script, which caused fans to swipe the screen.

Zhou Jiuliang's live broadcast of Meng Hetang reunited, fancy campaign and wonderful interaction

  Breaking the news about the past, exciting interaction

Looking back on the past, there are not only happy moments, but also no lack of heartfelt warmth. Meng Hetang turned into a reporter to interview Zhou Jiuliang, Zhu Hesong, and Cao Heyang. He broke the news about the fun of learning and art, and he was inspired to pass on experience to the teacher of Dragon Character. On the other hand, Zhou Jiuliang performed Guankou, Peking opera, traditional skewers, etc., and went to the village to follow the customs. He performed a piece of Qi dance and vibrato hot song skewers for everyone, enlivening the atmosphere, and canvassing for his campaign for the director of the admissions office.

In addition, the four people performed funny performances of guessing the song and “Animal World”, which detonated the audience; Zhou Jiuliang actively met the fans’ message requirements, highly cooperating with business sincerity, and shot the vibrato video on the spot. It is worth mentioning that Meng Hetang and Zhou Jiuliang also performed the cross talk “Lyrics of Tianping” on the spot, which was endlessly exciting, and netizens shouted “I made it.”

Zhou Jiuliang's live broadcast of Meng Hetang reunited, fancy campaign and wonderful interaction

After the talent show, Zhou Jiuliang did not forget to canvass for himself, saying that he would be eligible for the lottery if he participated in the vote every day. “Participating in the lottery will have a chance to get customized peripherals from Deyun Club, and even have a chance to win the’Little Dragon Man’ gift package, which includes A one-year package of tickets for the small garden of Deyun Club and an exclusive customized gift provided by more than 30 actors of Deyun Club.” Finally, he turned into a Christmas Eve messenger to send blessings to the audience in the live broadcast room, and called on everyone to sign up. Meng Hetang is even more interested. Newcomers who signed up for the Dragon Character Division sent a warm message “Be lonely”.

With the end of Zhou Jiuliang’s live broadcast, the countdown to the director of the Admissions Office of the Dragon Character Division of Deyun Society has begun. At 7 pm on December 25th, the final live broadcast of the admissions office director campaign “Qin Xiaoxian Live” will be ushered in. Come and search for “Deyun Club” on Douyin and vote for your favorite crosstalker.

(Wang Feipeng)

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