Zhdanov answered whether Ukrainian air defense could shoot down a nuclear missile – UNIAN

According to the expert, the probability of a nuclear strike today is zero.

military expert Oleg Zhdanov assessed the chances of the Ukrainian air defense system (air defense) to shoot down a nuclear missile.

He expressed his opinion on this YouTube.

“The probability will be very low, but it exists, that we can shoot down … We shoot down missiles. Well, the Iskander missile flies, it has a nuclear head, the Caliber missile flies, it has a nuclear head … sometimes successfully, sometimes unsuccessfully… Hypothetically, we can shoot down any missile,” he said.

The expert added that everything will depend on the type of missile and how massive the strike will be.

Zhdanov also said that, in his opinion, the probability of a nuclear strike today is zero.

Earlier, Oleg Zhdanov said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is unlikely to dare to unleash a nuclear war. The threat that nuclear weapons will be the last argument in the war is very low, the expert believes:

“The collective West will not allow this war to be turned into a nuclear one…Putin has been made clear that they will launch a preemptive strike at the decision-making center as soon as talk of using nuclear weapons starts.”

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