Zhang Zhiheng was exposed to debts and cheating Wenwen was bombarded by information and urgently cut seats: I have no money (23:20) – 20230207 – SHOWBIZ

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Article date: February 07, 2023

Zhang Zhiheng (Steven) and his wife Ou Yanwen (Wenwen) have repeatedly exploded their marriage. They once posted on social networks that Steven is lazy and useless. Earlier, Wenwen revealed that she had moved. Today (7th), she posted a dynamic post on Ig for a limited time , wrote a long article in response to “being bombarded by information”, including cheating and debts, etc., but Wenwen also said that she has no money: “If you call me, you want to say that my husband once asked you to borrow money, but did not repay it. Yes, I’m so sorry, I don’t have any money.” ﹑“If you approach me, you want to tell me what kind of person my husband is, what kind of personality he is, and what shortcomings he has. I think I’ve known him for more than 10 years Married for 4 years, it should be enough to understand.” ﹑”If you want to tell me that you have had an affair with my husband or that he cheated, I think I can only do it. Even if it is a fact, it will actually have no effect on me. I believe At present, I will not affect my life or emotions because of these things. Besides, I choose to marry a public figure. I think it is hard (to avoid) that there are many different you Show up and find me.”

Finally, Wenwen also talked about the divorce, she wrote: “If your purpose is to want us to divorce, I think I can tell you, I have my way, if I really want to divorce, I will I think I can have many reasons, but it must not be because of your stories one after another.”

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