Zhang Changning mourns his father: I can’t believe that if I miss me, come and see me in my dream.

On February 7, Zhang Changning, a member of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, posted a message to mourn the death of his father, saying that he still can’t believe it is true, “I always feel that you may just go out for a trip, and you no longer need to take medicine according to order, and you don’t need to restrain your diet to eat Eat whatever you want, Virgo, you have too much self-control, it’s time to relax.” “If you miss me, come and see me in your dreams, I will always love your father.”

In the early hours of February 5th, Zhang Changning’s brother Zhang Chen, the former captain of the Jiangsu Men’s Volleyball Team and the coach of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball Team, posted an obituary in his circle of friends, “Father Zhang Yousheng, due to illness, failed to receive medical treatment. He passed away at Nanjing University at 1:50 on February 5, 2023. Passed away at the Emergency Rescue Center of Drum Tower Hospital Affiliated to Medical College at the age of 66.”

Original title: Zhang Changning issued a message to mourn the death of his father: If you miss me, come and see me in your dreams

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