Zenon Martyniuk’s son caught with his lover !? What does the wife say?

It seems that Daniel Martyniuk (31) does not intend to save his marriage with Ewelina (21). It just seems that the son of Zenon Martyniuk (51) has been meeting his old love again for some time …

A lot has been going on in the life of Daniel Martyniuk recently. Numerous scandals and breaking the law by the musician’s son made Daniel completely lost. This is evidenced, inter alia, by his videos published on the Internet, which evoke disgust among Internet users.

Recently, the son of the disco polo king ridiculed and insulted Kamil Bednarek for no reason (check it out!). However, the singer did not take his words to heart. Daniel decided to seek help and understanding from his ex-fiancée …

There are rumors that the unruly young man secretly again began to meet his first love Faustina (29). As reported by “Super Express”, the girl is a law graduate, and her relationship with her son Zenon ended in December 2017.

After the breakup, the couple stopped being in touch with each other, as a few months later Daniel married Ewelina (the current wife), with whom he has a daughter, Laura. However, all indications are that Daniel has no intention of saving his marriage and has again decided to look for happiness with his former love.

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