Zenga responds and is moved live on SKY!

It is certainly not the first time that there is talk of that famous semifinal of the Italy ’90 World Cup, between the hosts and Argentina. The reason is the stadium in which it was played, or the San Paolo di Napoli.

The alleged problem was that the guest star was Diego Armando Maradona, a star of Naples for years and an undisputed idol of the city. The cheering, in fact, was much more hostile than the rest of the games, often played at the Olimpico in Rome. It was a coincidence due to the third place in the group ofalbicelestewho got the better of the home team on penalties, after the 1-1 draw.

Zenga See Maradona
Walter Zenga

They talked about it during the ‘Speciale Transfer market’, Walter Zengathen the goalkeeper of the Italian national team, and Alessandro Goodhost of the program broadcast on Sky Sport. Their words are as follows:

Good: “We we also lost through political superficialitythat match against Argentina a Napoli it was a failure on the part of our policy ”.

Zenga: “When I talk about Diego, I can’t help myself… hello Diego! (she is moved, sending a kiss to the sky ed) He was very clever, he reminded the Neapolitans, before the game, the treatment that they received during the championship from the rest of Italy, the same Italy that asked him to cheer “.

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