Zeng Li, dressed in a black suit, attended the Macau International Television Festival and won the best female supporting role_Stage_Audience_Wujiapo

Original title: Zeng Li wore a black suit to attend the Macau International Television Festival and won the best female supporting role.

Zeng Li, an actress from Mainland China, graduated from the Central Academy of Drama with a 1996 undergraduate degree in the Acting Department. He made his debut in 2000, and during his 22-year career in the arts, he has brought to the audience “Male Talents and Women’s Appearance”, “New Strange Stories from a Liaozhai Studio”, “The Barber”, “Soldier’s Honor”, “Sisters-in-law’s Three Kingdoms Era”, “Accompanying Readers” “Mom” and other dozens of excellent film and television works.

Recently, Zeng Li appeared in the 14th Macau International Film Festival and the 13th Macau International Television Festival wearing a white shirt with a black double-breasted suit. Compared with the previous dresses, the style this time is more neat and capable. The whole person is beautiful and sassy, ​​full of aura, perfectly showing the elegant and supreme texture shape, which attracted everyone’s attention as soon as it appeared on the stage.

After winning the annual powerful actor at the Weibo Vision Conference, Zeng Li once again won the “Golden Lotus” Best Supporting Actress Award for the role of his grandmother Xiao Yuanyi in “The Stars”. It can be seen that she has shaped a multi-faceted life with her full and exquisite acting skills, and interpreted the image of the heroic female general and the strict mother in the play vividly. Every female character shines brightly under her interpretation. Well deserved, congratulations!

When Zeng Li took the stage to accept the award, in addition to thanking all the staff in front of and behind the stage, Zeng Li also mentioned that this award is also an encouragement to all young and middle-aged actors, urging them to set a good example for young actors in their performing arts life . This simple and firm speech fully reflects Zeng Li’s pursuit of the inheritance of professionalism among actors from generation to generation.

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Time is always the best answer. I look forward to actor Zeng Li continuing to break through his own boundaries, inheriting the spirit of his predecessors, and continue to present more exciting female roles in the future!

Zeng Li Guofeng’s white gauze dress appeared on Dragon TV’s drama version of “Wujiapo” and was named a god-level stage

“Dreams in the East·2023 Dragon TV New Year’s Eve Ceremony” will be broadcast live globally on Dragon TV on December 31.

Actor Zeng Li made a surprise appearance, with long curly hair, wearing an embroidered white gauze dress, like a Jiangnan beauty who came out of an ancient painting, fairy and elegant, full of artistic conception.

On the subsequent New Year’s Eve stage, as soon as the actor Zeng Li and male singer Zhang Qi’s joint performance of “Wujiapo” ended, it became a hot search on major social media, and received heated discussions and passionate praise from the audience.

On this New Year’s Eve stage, “Wujiapo” was integrated into the performance and singing style of Peking Opera, which made the whole work present a more profound charm. The hero and heroine talk to each other from the distance, to the hero who leaves Xiliang and walks three passes to go home to reunite with the heroine, and then to the reunion of the hero and heroine, where the hero confesses and admits his mistakes, and the heroine criticizes and forgives… the whole stage The narrative unfolds in the pure, full, and sincere voices and gestures of Zhang Qi and Zeng Li, and a tortuous and sad historical story is restored with a 5-minute and 30-second stage.

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The great success of this stage stems from the audience’s consensus on beauty. Unlike previous artists who created a lively and cheerful atmosphere on stage, today’s audience also requires artists to have more professionalism, sincerity, and respect for the stage and the audience. .

In addition, such an amazing performance is also inseparable from Zeng Li’s professional opera skills. Zeng Li was selected by the Secondary Opera School Affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera when he was in elementary school. After graduating from elementary school, he entered the Chinese Academy of Traditional Chinese Opera to study Peking Opera, majoring in Tsing Yi. In 1995, Zeng Li was assigned to work in the Peking Opera Troupe of Hubei Province. Due to the lack of performance opportunities, she decided to continue her studies. The following year, Zeng Li was admitted to the Central Academy of Drama with the third place in professional courses, and became college classmates with Zhang Ziyi, Liu Ye, and Yuan Quan. Therefore, Zeng Li has seven years of experience in majors and is a veritable Tsing Yi.

The lingering sound has been lingering for three days. This time on the New Year’s Eve stage, Zeng Li used her beautiful opera to show the profoundness of traditional Chinese culture, and also showed the charm of Tsing Yi beyond her identity as an actor. In the new year, look forward to Zeng Li bringing more surprises to the audience!Return to Sohu to see more

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