Zelensky: War in Ukraine is becoming a routine

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For many others, the war in Ukraine is becoming a routine, Zelensky acknowledged

For many in the world, events in Ukraine “become a routine that is not even worth paying attention to,” the president said in the Dutch parliament.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking in the Parliament of the Netherlands on Thursday, March 31, said that the war in Ukraine is becoming a routine for the world.

“36 days. That is how long our state and our people face-to-face against the army, which was called the strongest in the world. Russia has been preparing against us, against freedom for decades. They have been accumulating deadly resources as much as every European country can spend on life. And now these Russian resources are working at full capacity. No matter how scary it may sound, people are already starting to get used to it,” Zelensky said.

According to him, people “are already beginning to adapt and pass through themselves everything they hear about the war, to the bombings, to the updated lists of the dead.”

“Daily reports about the number of destroyed houses, shelled cities, communities no longer evoke emotions. For many others, the war in Ukraine is becoming a routine. Unfortunately. But this is true – a routine. But not for those whose lives are under threat every minute,” he added. is he.

“Who, like the residents of our city, for example, Mariupol, has been in a complete blockade for more than three weeks. Without everything. Without life, without food, without water, without basic medicines, without communication. They are forced to sit in basements, hide just so as not to die under shelling “But not for those whom Russia took to its territory. They simply deported them. As the Nazis did in the occupied countries. Tens of thousands were forcibly taken to the territory of the occupying state. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the fate of most of them. As with to contact them, whether Russia, in principle, will give these people away – these are terrible questions for us,” the President of Ukraine said.

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But for some, it all “becomes a routine that is not even worth paying attention to,” he added.

“We are now at a moment when the world must act even faster than in the first month of the war, when the peoples of Europe and the whole world saw what Russia was doing and everyone was filled with a desire to help. But the attention and emotions of people do not focus for long on one and “Same. If the situation is not resolved, people can switch to something else. And we have no right to give this war another 36 days. We must all together force Russia to seek peace as quickly as possible,” Zelensky said.

He also reiterated the need to supply weapons to Ukraine.

“Tyranny (Russia) must lose. And for this to happen, freedom must receive all the necessary weapons for victory, for protection. The weapons that you have on the continent,” the president said.

“Ukraine is grateful to you for the support it has already received from you, from your society, from the state. This support is truly unprecedented. But the war is so intense, the Russian troops are so active, we need more … We need weapons that will help us make our skies safe , with which it is possible to unblock our Ukrainian cities, where Russia arranges an artificial famine.We need such a weapon that will allow us to expel the invaders from our land: planes, tanks, anti-aircraft weapons, shells, missiles, etc. I hope you will find an opportunity to help us,” he added.

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Zelensky called on Dutch parliamentarians, society and business to increase sanctions against the Russian Federation, close ports, stop trade and be ready to give up Russian energy resources as soon as possible.

In addition, he called on the parliament to influence international institutions. “The crimes of the Russian occupiers must be answered by a democratic society,” Zelensky said.

Earlier today, the President of Ukraine addressed the Australian Parliament.

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