Zelensky Urges Acquisition of More Weapon Systems as Ukraine Receives First Batch of US Tanks

Zelensky Urges Acquisition of More Weapon Systems as Ukraine Receives First Batch of US Tanks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is confident that he will receive further military aid after receiving the first batch of US Abrams tanks. Meanwhile, the United States agreed to provide billions of dollars in loans to modernize the military of Poland, an EU country that borders Ukraine. There were further explosions in Sevastopol in the Russian-annexed Crimea, and Moscow reported further attacks by Ukrainian drones in the Kursk region near the border. Ukraine has been on the defensive against Russia’s war of aggression for 19 months.

Zelensky: More weapon systems are needed than we currently have

“We are also working hard to give all other armed forces the capabilities we need,” Zelensky He said in an evening video address. These include F‑16 fighter jets, anti-aircraft systems and long-range weapons, he added. “In order to cover our entire national territory, we need more systems than we currently have.” “Ukraine wants to acquire, among other things, the German Taurus cruise missiles. However, Berlin has not yet made any commitments.

The head of state had previously announced that the first Abrams tanks had arrived in Ukraine. The United States has announced the deployment of a total of 31 battle tanks to countries attacked by Russia.

The United States agrees to provide billions of dollars in loans to the Polish military

At the same time, the United States agreed to a multi-billion dollar loan agreement to modernize the Polish military. The US State Department announced a direct loan of $2 billion (1.89 billion euros) to Poland. The statement said: “Poland is Poland is a loyal ally of the United States and Poland’s security is critical to the collective defense of NATO’s eastern flank. “In view of the war in neighboring Ukraine and the threat from Russia, Poland is working intensively to arm its own army.

Moscow: The Kursk border region suffered another drone attack

According to official information, the Russian air defense department responded in the evening and repelled four Ukrainian drone attacks over the Kursk region near the Ukrainian border that night. The Russian Defense Ministry in Moscow announced on Telegram that night that two drones had been used. The drone was destroyed around 10:30 p.m. local time (9:30 p.m. CEST), and two more drones were destroyed about half an hour later. The ministry spoke of a foiled terrorist attack. This information could not be independently verified.

The regional capital Kursk was hit by drone attacks on Sunday. One of them allegedly hit Russia, as Kiev media reported, citing Ukrainian military intelligence. The domestic intelligence building and another hit an oil refinery. Officials in the Kursk region announced that a drone caused minor damage to the roof of an administrative building.

Moscow There have been numerous reports of drone attacks in Ukraine in recent weeks. However, these are disproportionate to the large-scale attacks carried out by Russia as part of its war of aggression against its neighbors.

Explosion in Sevastopol – Apparently it was a “controlled explosion”

After Ukraine attacked the Ukrainian capital, another explosion occurred at the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula annexed by Moscow. According to Mikhail Ra’s testimony, the head of the Russian-occupied zone, Mikhail Razvoshayev, said that it was allegedly a “controlled demolition” of heavily damaged buildings in the city of Sevastopol. This could not be independently confirmed. Later that evening, Razvoshayev air defense forces reportedly intercepted a Ukrainian missile.

Important events on Tuesday

The Ukrainian military continues its counteroffensive to liberate occupied territories. Most recently, areas annexed by Russia have been targeted. Attacks on military facilities on the Crimean peninsula were particularly successful.

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