Zelensky spoke about the losses of Ukraine on the first day of the war

Photo: Zelensky’s official channel in the Telegram

Zelensky appealed to the Ukrainians

The President also announced the entry of enemy sabotage groups into Kiev and asked the residents of the capital to be vigilant.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky addressed the Ukrainians on the night of February 24-25.

First of all, he spoke about the losses on the first day of Russia’s aggression.

“We fought back throughout Ukraine. We are reclaiming what was captured. Unfortunately, we lost 137 of our heroes, our citizens, of which 10 officers … 316 were wounded. The enemy strikes not only at military facilities, but also at civilian “They are killing people. And turning peaceful cities into military targets. This is vile and will never be forgiven,” he said.

Zelensky also separately reported on dead border guards of Snake Islandwho refused to surrender, and promised to award each with the title of Hero of Ukraine posthumously.

In addition, the President of Ukraine stressed that neither he nor his family left the capital of Ukraine.

“I know that they are throwing in a lot of fakes, including that I left Ukraine. I am in Kiev. Throughout the day I held dozens of international negotiations, directly participated in government. I remain in the capital, my family remains in Ukraine, my children are also in Ukraine. According to the available information, Putin has designated it as target No. 1, my family as target No. 2. They want to destroy us politically by destroying the head of state,” he said.

Zelensky also warned about possible sabotage groups of the aggressor in Kiev.

“There is information about the entry of sabotage groups in Kiev. Therefore, I ask the people of Kiev to be careful, to adhere to the curfew rules,” the president said.

The President of Ukraine summarized that Ukraine, following the results of the first day of aggression, is actually fighting back against the enemy alone.

“No matter how much I hold talks today with the leaders of other states, I heard that we are supported. I am really grateful to every state that helps Ukraine specifically. But concretely, not in words. But there is another thing: we remain alone in defense of their state. Who is ready to fight together with us? Honestly: I don’t see such people. Who is ready to give Ukraine guarantees to join NATO? Honestly: everyone is afraid. Today we heard from Moscow that they are ready to talk about the neutral status of our state. I tell all partners of our state: at the moment the fate of our country is being decided. I ask them: are you with us? They answer that they are with us, but they are not ready to take us with them into the alliance. I asked today directly from 27 leaders of Europe: will Ukraine in NATO? He asked directly. Everyone is afraid. They do not answer. But we are not afraid. We are not afraid of anything, protecting our country,” he said.

Recall, early this morning, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the start of a special operation in the Donbass. Soon after that explosions occurred in different cities of Ukraine. Fighting in the border areas continues all day long.

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