Zelensky instructs the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to ensure the protection of Belarusians in Ukraine after the death of Shishov

According to Zelensky, “every Belarusian who can become a target for criminals in connection with his public political position should receive special and reliable protection.”

“The SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs must work out a clear algorithm for assessing possible risks, as well as a system of responses to these risks, in order to eliminate any threat to people,” the president stressed.

As noted in the OPU, a list of citizens of Belarus has been determined, “in respect of whom appropriate measures have already been taken to assess the risks, additional support of their stay on the territory of Ukraine and protection.”

This decision was made in connection with information from law enforcement officers “about possible threats to a number of Belarusian activists”, as well as after the death of Shishov, the President’s Office added.


Shishov disappeared on 2 August… He left the house in the morning and did not return. Kiev police reported on August 3 that Shishov was found hanged in a Kiev park. Law enforcers are considering two main versions Shishov’s death – suicide or premeditated murder under the guise of suicide.

Representatives of the BDU are sure that the death of Shishov – planned action of the Belarusian authorities… “There is no doubt that this is an operation planned by the Chekists to eliminate a truly dangerous Belarusian regime,” the organization noted.

The representative of the BDU Yuri Shchuchko claimed that on Shishov’s face there were beating marks… The National Police talked about presence of abrasions on Shishov’s body.

European politicians blame Shishov’s death the regime of Alexander Lukashenko, who calls himself President of Belarus.

“Belarusian House in Ukraine” is a public organization that provides assistance to citizens of the republic with housing and employment.

According to Oksana Bukina, a political refugee from Minsk, Shishov on August 8 planned a large-scale action in Kiev on the first anniversary of the start of clashes in Belarus after the presidential elections.



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