Zecchino d’oro 2021: Masini’s ‘Superbabbo’ wins, Zoe Adamello sings – Shows

Bologna, 5 December 2021 – The final of the 64esima edition of Zecchino d’Oro, the festival dedicated to children’s song. he crowned a song that he liked very much even in the first two days: triumphs Superbabbo (lyrics and music by Marco Masini, Emiliano Cecere e Veronica Rauccio) sung by the little girl Zoe Adamello, a delightful 9-year-old blonde girl, from Impruneta in the province of Florence.

Superbabbo he was also in the lead in the first two episodes, where he competed for the jury’s favors with I could have been born a kitten (text and music Lodovico Saccol, sung by Expeditionary Victory, 6, from Pergine Valsugana (Trento), who finished third in the final, overtaken by There will be some of you, sung by Veronica Marchesi, 9 years old, from Gorle (Bergamo) …

For the grand final, conducted by Carlo Conti, artistic director of the Zecchino d’Oro Festival, a special jury composed of Francesca Fialdini e Paolo Conticini, Orietta Berti, Cristina D’Avena (who participated in the Zecchino at the age of 4 with The waltz of the gnat) ed Elettra Lamborghini. Guests of the final also i Guidonia twins.

During the episode the new piece by Orietta Berti with the Choir of the Antoniano, titled Amazonia. A song that tells the importance of preserving the largest green lung on our planet.

Who won the 2020 edition: song and performer

Meanwhile in Bologna it is possible to visit the exhibition inaugurated on December 2nd in Sala Borsa Play the Future (open until January 31st). A beautiful journey with the Zecchino d’Oro, a journey between music and songs dedicated to the central values ​​for the singing appointment.

Suberbabbo: all about the song

It is a song that celebrates fathers in a sweet and ironic way. All children love superheroes, but in the heart there is only room for one of them, the most special one: the Super dad! His incredible powers? Soft hands that act as pillows, caresses to scold, tirelessness and… arms as big as wings! With him at your side, studying, laughing and playing become the best moments in the world and discovering the things to love is only easier.
Text and Music: Marco Masini-Veronica Rauccio-Emiliano Cecere ed. Antoniano-Warner- Ripa Srl Arrangement: Marco Masini- Lucio Fabbri Interpreter: Zoe Adamello.

There will be some of you

Who knows how many times, as children, we suddenly imagined becoming grown up… finding the answers to every question, traveling, getting away from mom and dad to start a new adventure. The thought of this detachment cannot fail to be melancholy; but melancholy turns into a smile if you think about the beautiful things lived together or maybe just looking in the mirror: it will be easy to find the beauty and warmth of mum and dad. “There will always be some of you” … A hymn to the love of a child towards his roots.
Text: Maria Francesca Polli. Music: Claudio Baglioni. and. Antoniano-Curci – Arrangement: Lucio Fabbri. Interpreter: Veronica Marchesi, 9 years old, from Gorle (Bergamo).

I could have been born a kitten

How many times has it happened to wonder what life would have been like… in someone else’s shoes? This song offers some alternatives from the world of animals and fairy tales. Who knows what life would have been like as a fluffy cat, or as a tall, slender horse, or as a princess, so everything is allowed! But after all, what are the hypotheses for? Nobody chooses how to be born or where to grow up, the important thing is to appreciate yourself for who you are. A hymn to diversity and the beauty of one’s uniqueness.
Text and Music: Lodovico Saccol ed. Antoniano Arrangement: Lucio Fabbri-Lodovico Saccol Interpreter: Vittoria Spedaliere, 6 years old, from Pergine Valsugana (TN).

The songs in the race and the little performers

But the little singers selected by Antoniano were all very good, and the songs were beautiful. We recall the complete list:

Superbabbo is interpreted by Zoe Adamello, 9 years old, from Impruneta (Fi);

The Nursery Rhyme of the Vowels is sung by Simona Forte, 8 years old, from Terrasini (Palermo).

Pink car is proposed by Michele Bruzzese, 9 years old, from Melicucco (Reggio Calabria).

I Could Be Born Kitten has its interpreter in Expeditionary Victory, 6 years old, from Pergine Valsugana (Trento).

Paper Wings tests the uvula of Sara Ghinassi, 10 years old, from Faenza (Ravenna).

Bartolo the Jar was entrusted to Walter Zecca, 6 years old, from Florence.

The Ciuaua Ball is sung by the trio Camilla Musacci, 7 years old, from Viareggio (Lucca), Francesco Paolo Scelzo, 10 years old, of Salsomaggiore Terme (Parma) ed Elisa Dragomir, 9 years old, from Rome.

Ri-Cer-Ca-TO is entrusted to Davide ganga, 6 years old, from Parma.

The Riccio Capriccio is proposed by Giuseppe Karol Di Capizzi, 5 years old, from Messina.

The Reggaentonno sees the duo Irene De Arcangelis, 9 years old, from Fondi (Latina) e Giuseppe Piras, 8 years old, from Perfugas (Sassari).

Clap Clap has for interpreter Giulia Barbagallo, 8 years old, from Guidonia (Rome).

Of the New Generation is the testing ground Stefano Nardin, 9 years old, from Milan.

A Belly has as an interpreter Leonardo Zambelli, 6 years old, from Mele (Genoa).

There will be some of you sees into the microphone Veronica Marchesi, 9 years old, from Gorle (Bergamo).


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