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news-single-imgcaption" style="width:240px;">From left: Ina (Anne Ratte-Polle), Chernikova (Jana Klinge)
Copyright: ZDF / Elisabeth Börnicke / German Film and Television Academy Berlin

The filming of the tragic comedy “Everyone wants to be loved” is currently taking place in Berlin, a cinema co-production by the ZDF editorial team, Das kleine Fernsehspiel. The director is Katharina Woll, who also wrote the script together with Florian Plumeyer; Anne Ratte-Polle can be seen in the lead role.

A scorching hot summer day. The psychotherapist Ina (Anne Ratte-Polle) notices that something is physically wrong with her. But she doesn’t have time to worry about it: In practice, she looks after her clients, her daughter (Lea Drinda) threatens to move in with her father (Jonas Hien), her boyfriend (Urs Jucker) wants to come along emigrate to Finland, and her mother (Ulrike Willenbacher) demands support for her 70th birthday. There is no place for herself in Ina’s life. She wants to please everyone and is under great pressure. But then everything turns out differently.

“Everyone wants to be loved” is Katharina Woll’s graduation film at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (dffb) in coproduction with Zeitgeist Filmproduktion (producers: Markus Kaatsch and Michael Grudsky, producer: Nina Poschinski) and ZDF / Das kleine Fernsehspiel, sponsored by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg. The ZDF editorial team has Christian Cloos. The shooting is expected to take place until June 17, 2021. A broadcast date on ZDF has not yet been set.

Contact person: Cordelia Gramm, phone: 06131 – 70-12145;
Press Desk, Phone: 06131 – 70-12108, [email protected]

Photos are available from ZDF Press and Information, phone: 06131 – 70-16100, and from https://presseportal.zdf.de/presse/allewollengeliebenhaben

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Further shooting for ZDF: https://presseportal.zdf.de/pm/aktuelle-dreharbeiten-des-zdf/


Mainz, June 7, 2021
ZDF press and information

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