Zbrojař Strnad enters the business with artificial insemination, Babiš acquires a competitor

The industrial-technological holding Czechoslovak Group (CSG) acquired a stake in the leading artificial insemination center Prague Fertility Center. It was sold by the center’s co-founder, doctor Sonja Lazarovská. The center, which has been on the market since 2009, has helped give birth to more than 5,000 children. The price of the business transaction was not disclosed by the interested parties.

“We perceive the acquisition as an interesting investment opportunity and we see the co-ownership of the center as a long-term project. However, CSG’s main area of ​​business is and will remain industry,” says Petr Formánek, CSG’s board member responsible for Corporate Finance.

The Prague Fertility Center has its own research in the field of embryology. Research and innovation mainly concern the monitoring and evaluation of embryo vitality in the early stages of development, which leads to the selection of embryos suitable for biopsy and increases the likelihood of success in assisted reproduction. Artificial intelligence assists the center’s staff in evaluating embryos.

“Innovations have been and will be, together with quality care for our clients, the main thing that the story of the Prague Fertility Center has been writing for over thirty years. Funds are needed to realize our plans, so we looked for a financially strong partner who would help us to take our services a step further. I believe we have found him in the CSG group, “says Sonja Lazarovská.

Specializing in gynecologist and obstetrician Sonja Lazarovská, she founded the Prague Fertility Center together with clinical embryologist Daniel Hlinka. He transferred his share to Medical Solutions this year. In the center, they both act as executives. They lead an experienced team of doctors and embryologists. The Prague Fertility Center is located in Prague in the Hospital with a polyclinic in Vysočany.

Companies from the Czechoslovak Group operate in the automotive, railway, aerospace and watchmaking industries and manufacture weapons, ammunition and special vehicles. The Tatra car carmaker also belongs to the holding. In addition to the Land Systems division, where the trade and defense production of land vehicles and ammunition is concentrated, the Aerospace division is developing rapidly, which includes the production of radars at ELDIS Pardubice, civil aircraft service and flight training.

The companies included in the CSG holding, which generated sales of more than CZK 28.5 billion in 2019, have more than 8,200 employees.

The Hartenberg Capital holding, which manages the assets of Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, is also very active in the field of artificial reproduction. Among other things, the fund invested in the healthcare business by purchasing several assisted reproduction clinics, and also owns a majority stake in the Modřany Polyclinic. He also works in biotechnology and food industry.

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