Zazzaroni on CorSport: “Allegri with Osimhen, Leao or Abraham could be more ambitious”

“Allegri con Osimhen, Leao or Abraham could be more ambitious” writes Ivan Zazzaroni on the pages of Corriere dello Sport. The journalist commented on Juventus’ victory at Zenit, praising the Bianconeri’s proof of character: “Juve played the game they hadn’t been able to for at least a month and a half – writes Zazzaroni – Juve has rarely put more men into the match. ‘small area reducing the risk quota. If he had someone like Osimhen or Leao or Abraham in front (I don’t come out of our championship) Allegri could make much more ambitious reasoning “. Final for De Sciglio: “If he continues like this, Mancini will find an important alternative both on the right and on the left”.



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