Zaragoza registered 246,580 entries and exits yesterday despite recommendations | Society

Zaragoza registered during the day yesterday a total of 246,580 entrances and exits of vehicles through the different entrances to the city, despite the Aragonese Government’s recommendations to restrict movements to and from the Central District, where the Aragonese capital is located.

As reported by the Government Delegation in Aragon, the number of entry and exit movements recorded supposes only 3% less than that registered last Friday, day 3, when there was no recommendation of mobility restriction, and 1% less than on Friday the 10th.

To try to make the population of Zaragoza and its surroundings aware of taking advantage of a “voluntary confinement” in the face of the increase in community transmission of the coronavirus and the regression of this geographical area of ​​the Community to a more flexible phase 2, the Civil Guard has installed informational controls at different access and exit points of the city to inform of the need to restrict movements as much as possible.

Unlike the fruit-growing Aragonese regions also in phase 2 made more flexible, where the origin of the infections is temporary work, in the Aragonese capital the transmission, as confirmed yesterday by the Community Health Minister, Sira Repollés, it is produced mostly by young people in family or leisure gatherings.

Repollés herself stressed that the voluntary confinement measures should give positive results within a period of six to seven days, the same time that the contagion curve showed the outbreaks originating in Zaragoza and its surroundings, in phase 2 made more flexible like the cities of Huesca and Barbastro.

In order to try to convince the citizens located in these areas, especially in Zaragoza, where the increase in cases has skyrocketed above other points, institutional messages have been added the Civil Guard controls next to the information panels located on motorways and motorways, as well as at fixed information points.

The objective of these measures is try to dissuade citizens who want to travel outside the Zaragoza region and to those who want to go to their towns. Only during the day on Thursday, 255 new cases of coronavirus were reported in Aragon, of which 136 were in Zaragoza capital and its surroundings, compared to 175 on Wednesday.

The mayors of the Central Region of Aragon have accepted with “responsibility and awareness” the decision of the autonomous government to ask citizens to limit the exits and entrances of that territory.

“One may think that they are drastic measures but you cannot play with the pandemic with tiny measures,” José Manuel González Arruga, the president of this region, has acknowledged to Efe. brings together more than 750,000 inhabitants from 21 municipalities, for the most part in the Aragonese capital.

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