Zane Jančevska has moved to the theater due to a vaccination claim

The bright actress Zane Jančevska after 35 years in the theater, she moved from staff to freelance. This is due to her reluctance to get vaccinated against Covid-19, the “What’s New” issue reported.

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Zane Jančevska has not been on the list of staff actors at the Latvian National Theater for several weeks. The National Theater was one of the first to say that only people who had received the vaccine were allowed to work on the show, and even then there were rumors that a few actresses did not want to be vaccinated. However, Zane Jančevska did not agree to the vaccination request even after November 15 and decided to move freelance.

According to the newspaper Kas Kasss, many colleagues in the theater regretted that for some time Jančevska had not been allowed to take part in rehearsals, nor was she allowed to stay in the workplace.

The National Theater tells the magazine that the principle of not vaccinating has not completely ruined her relationship with the theater management, only in the future she will be able to collaborate with directors who want to see her in her performance. “Of course, this will only be possible when the rules and the situation with restrictions on vaccinations and gatherings change,” explains Lolita Grāvīte, a spokeswoman for the theater, adding that of course it is very unfortunate, but “we hope that the day will come when Zani and I and Zane and I will be able to be together in the theater. “

In contact with the publication, the actress herself admits that she does not yet feel emotionally recovered to comment publicly on what happened.

It has already been reported that the National Theater is working in a “green regime”, and the director of the theater Jānis Vimba has said that 99% of the employees on his farm have been vaccinated.


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