Zanardi, the lorry driver’s consultant’s report: “The handbike traveled at 50 km per hour”

Alex Zanardi’s handbike traveled close to 50 kilometers per hour. It is one of the elements that emerged from the defense advice of the truck driver Marco Ciacci, 44 years old at the wheel of the heavy vehicle that was going up the state road 146 between San Quirico d’Orcia and Pienza. The tragic accident took place on June 19th when the Paralympic champion who participated in a charity initiative of Obiettivo Tricolore was seriously injured bumping into the truck coming in the opposite direction: there was no technical problem with Zanardi’s handbike, both the expertise of the prosecutor and that of the champion’s defense agree, the driver would have lost control at a curve and not c ‘The failure of the asphalt is not one of the causes either.

The speed of the handbike was therefore within the allowed limits and the same for the truck which was traveling at 39 km per hour. This is what emerges from the collimating evaluations present in two deposited advice in the chancellery of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Siena: that of Professor Dario Vangi, consultant of the chief prosecutor Salvatore Vitello and of the prosecutor Serena Menicucci, and that of Professor Mattia Strangi, part expert for the defense of the hauler from Castelnuovo Berardenga (Siena) , currently under investigation for negligent injuries.

In the dynamics of the accident described by professor Mattia Strangi, professor of road accident reconstruction at the University of Bologna, when Zanardi saw the truck coming in the opposite direction he would have tried to turn to the right to move away from the central part of the roadway but his vehicle would be went oversteer, that is, it would have had a head-to-tail principle that would have caused the vehicle to overturn. Zanardi thus falls, ending up in the opposite lane and hitting his head against the left front rim of the truck.


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