Zaki Fateen Abdel-Wahab attacks the coastal goers: “I don’t understand what bragging is!”

The artist Zaki Fateen Abdel Wahab, the pioneers of the North Coast and El Gouna, attacked through his personal account on the “Facebook” website, on Sunday evening, when he wrote: “I have 64 years .. the sixties generation so that I can be clear … and I do not know or understand what the bragging and the glory are. We live in it for the pioneers of the North Coast and El Gouna.

Fateen added, “I belong to a rich and famous family … Nevertheless I was riding the microbus from Garden City to Al-Jazira Club … and eating koshari at Bab Al-Luq, which was a great pleasure … because I” bore you “to the true class of the people … and my brother when he entered the university .. My mother brought him a “Fiat 128” car, although it was possible to answer him with a Mercedes car. “

Zaki Fateen, via Facebook

He continued: “The resort was between 3 places … Al-Maamoura, the park, a beach, Baraida, and Bianchi Al-Ajami … and the servants used to stay with us after lunch on the same beach that we were staying on … I never saw the extravagance, arrogance, and the sloppiness that I saw in the two days .. People were much simpler. .. By the way, I am not a fanatic of the trend .. I just loved this period .. and I still live with its memory.

Earlier, the artist confirmed Zaki Fateen Abdel WahabHe is able to act at any time, especially that he is in good health, as he wrote through his official account on the social networking site “Facebook” this evening: “My dear friends … there is an impression on people, especially in the artistic community … that I am unable to work as an actor.” Due to my health conditions … and I am still alive and well-prepared … and able to work at any moment … have mercy on us. “

On the other hand, the artist Zaki Fateen Abdel-Wahab talked about the relationship of man to death and disease and the story of his descent to the grave of his father at the burial, where he wrote through his Facebook account, saying, “The relationship of man to death .. I am not afraid of death or disease .. I am when my father I had a death of 17 years .. My aunt insisted that I go down the grave with him so that I can take a last look at him .. Because he died in Beirut and I did not see him, I was afraid while I was going down the grave, and when they removed the shroud from his face, I found a smile on his face, the satisfaction of my life. In an honest place. “

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