Zahra: I did not leave Lebanon for fear of “angry messages”, and we will continue on our way

Former MP Antoine Zahra categorically denied that he “left Lebanon for fear of threats from the Alawite sect,” revealing that “I received angry messages and insults from some young people belonging to the Alawite sect in Jabal Mohsen, but it did not reach the point of threatening death. Its ceiling is (We know we take our right), and this is the result of parties that incited the brothers in the Alawite sect by cutting off a section of my conversation with the journalist Walid Abboud.

Zahra confirmed, in an interview with the Lebanese Forces website, that “it is not true that I left the country for fear of threats, as we lived with the comrades in Lebanon all the stages of the struggle, without fear or hesitation.”

He added, “We will continue our national march regardless of any impurities or any security defect that occurs in Lebanon,” noting that “the consequences of the state’s decay require all Lebanese, not a specific person, to leave the country.”

Zahra explained, “My presence in Dubai at present is an annual tradition, which I broke off only during the Corona pandemic, and everyone around me knows that I spend Christmas and New Year’s in Lebanon and leave later to spend part of the winter season in Dubai, but it has nothing to do with anything of what was said.” .

And Zahra recalled that he issued an explanatory statement in addition to publishing the complementary part of the fragmented hadith, to contain the anger that occurred in the ranks of the Alawite sect, stressing that “the Alawites as a sect are not the ones targeted, but rather the Syrian regime, which is in the arms of Iran, which supported it in its war in the eighties against Iraq, and facilitated the establishment and training of And the arming of Hezbollah, which continues to be in power today as a result of Iranian-Russian militia support, not as a result of its Arabism

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