Zahl Pill on Monday at the START with wild water? Store Details (26.10.2020)

Text update from 23 October: Record interest of investors a stock Pills fired at a rapid, more than five times the issue and it can be expected that an unsatisfied income will be transferred to the trade. Shares Pilulka Lkrny as se zanaj oficiln v pondl 26. jna 2020 trade on the START market burst bursa. Patria clients Finance shares from the letter, they have letters on their trading techniques and may be given business instructions. Pinme ve strunm overview: How is the START market traded? What possibilities do Patria clients have Finance? What can be expected in the first hours of trading with the PINK issue?

As a result IPO: 18% satisfied orders

Pill Company Lkrny, a.s. zavrila veejnou nabdku svch action (IPO) on 20 June at 12:00, when the order book was closed and the process of their shortening and subsequent completion was started. I eat from parties investor byl enormn a pevil nabzen mnostv action o 536%. Otherwise, orders from parties investor were satisfied at an average of only 18.6 percent. The principle of shortening orders, which we two published on, is formally described in the document here.

Pill spn upsala sv shares in total sweat 725 040 pieces. IN IPO was notified of not more than 800 thousand pieces action. From this pot is 500 thousand pieces action new (ie with input in favor of Pills) a a 300 tisc kus action should wander from the hands of existing investors. This quantity was not fully met.

“The whole process of preparation and the entry itself Pill Company We consider lkrny on the stock exchange to be a big show. The choice between the entry of a strategic investor and the acquisition of capital through the entry into the stock exchange seems to be the right one. Especially with regard to the current market situation, it is extremely important for the company and its shares that the company continues to start the strategy. Dog 200 million crownwhich Pill gained additional capital, they will be used for further development, strengthen the market position and enter other markets – especially the acceleration in Romania and new activities in Hungary, “said an opinion for Petr Kasa |, co – founder, co – owner and general editor Pill Lkrny a.s.

I write on the horn border price range 350 424 K I know Pill has become the most likely entry into the market START., value companies by letter (formal post money valuation) in 1.06 billion crown. From the investor Pill gained a record 307,416,960 in the START market K. Ped Pill the company can be considered the most successful issue eMan, where it reached a satisfied recipient of 47.345%, the issue thus gained more than twice the interest of the highest bidder action.

Start at START on Monday, June 26

Obchodovn s shares Pill Company Lkrny, as will be launched on June 26 for the underwriting price 424 K. Ticker issue – the name under which it is included in the Xetra trading system – PINK. The title is traded under ISIN CZ0009009874. Minimum traded quantity, ie one lot, in 80 pcs.

The auction of issues on the START market takes place on trading days burst bursa daily from 9:00 to 12:30. Detailed information on how it works in the START market, on its functioning, is on the web burst bursa for this market https.// For water Pills let’s choose that the auction price is the price at which it is possible to satisfy the highest number of securities with the lowest position in the framework (and so on border) price range defined quotation. Price and time priority ensures that the wall is satisfied with a maximum of one order.

A mass rewriting of the issue indicates that unsatisfied demand will be transferred to the first hours and days of stock pills in the START market.

Patria clients Finance ji maj shares pipsny and can give instructions

Clients of Patria Securities Dealer Financewho stuck back IPO Pills, ji maj stock Pills pipsny in its portfolio at the formal issue in the central deposit as of June 23 2020.

Patria clients Finance so they can give it instructions online and by phone to sell or buy another action Pill according to standard conditions. In this context, I just want to draw attention to the validity of the instruction from 26 June at the latest 2020 and the maximum price distribution + -10% from the price of 424 K. Shares in the Webtrader trading platform are now under sight under the name PILL LKRNY, state in practice Patria’s sales director Finance Jan Kovalovsk. In connection with the first trading days with the title Pill we draw attention to the Wednesday holiday on June 28. Any instructions valid only on this day would be rejected.

Patria supported the entry of the first e-commerce companies on the market

“spchu Pills we have been strong in Patria since the meeting. In addition, the current period accelerates the change of customer washing to what it is Pill ready to work. It is great that she has invited new investors to her growth. I am especially interested in our private clients and I am extremely happy that we are writing Pills they could thus contribute to the development of the Start market The burst of the stock market. Take new investors, and let them decide their time, said Tom Jaro, generln editel Patria Finance. Patria supported the entry Pills to the START market and thus to the market as such action Pill for all without distinction free of charge.

We are glad that we are the first e-commerce company to burst stock market. If we messed up, whether to IPO release, collaboration with issue managers and pedevm with BCPP ns pesvdila, e lo o sprvn krok, k Petr Kasa, CEO and founder Pill Lkrny, a.s.

Pill is a great company for crack stock exchange, or combines e-commerce and the pharmaceutical sector, which is currently very well connected. I am so very pleased that it has aroused interest in both institutional and small investors, k Petr Koblic, General Editor It storms precious paprika Prague, a.s.

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