Therefore, Zagori is on the UNESCO cultural heritage list and well done to us.

More properly, well done to all those who have fought for years now to make this happen.

Well done to those who believed in it and ran it with patience and organization.

Well done to the Speaker of the Parliament Kostas Tassoulas, to the regional governor, to the mayors who passed all this time from Zagori and to the unsung heroes who are all those who walked it overcoming formal and substantial bureaucratic problems

So Zagori is on the international stage for its nature, its architecture, its monuments.

Obviously, this is very honorable.

It remains to be seen how this whole case will work positively for the place and the region.

It’s the only one;

And I wonder if it is the only single region of Epirus that is worth being included in the UNESCO cultural heritage list.

Personally I say no.

Because there are other geographical units in which beauty, rarity, uniqueness are abundant.

From Souli to Mastorochoria.

But in order to join, some people have to be interested.


To be interested.

No voice, no hearing

Did anyone find out about the port of Igoumenitsa?

If the new owner came, if he “got” a job.

If he met or will meet with some of the city and the Region…

No voice, no hearing.

Boss is what he wants to do.

And you don’t talk.

Besides, is anyone talking about it? No.

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What if we are in a pre-election period…

They run and don’t make it

Let’s now go to the regional governor candidates.

The ones who really run and are not enough to get the program out are Zumbas and Stefos.

From the moment they were chosen by their parties to be candidates, they didn’t have a lot of time.

To make a program, to make a ballot and to organize – carry out a rudimentary tour of Epirus.

What do we mean by elementary…

And when we say elementary, I mean for people to go around Epirus.

To go to selected villages, capital villages in towns and of course the cities at least once.

Why don’t we talk about it for a second time…

So where to start and where to stop.

From the northern villages of Konitsa to the villages of Achelou in Arta?

One turn will come out with difficulty, no thought for a second.


And in these cases of candidates, the existing Regional Governor is privileged.

Alekos Kahrimanis had the opportunity over the years to visit Epirus once, twice, or three times.

And one thousand and thirteen as the song says…

So it is in a more advantageous position compared to its rivals.

Which, it is true that in some areas they are not even known to the face.

And why, let’s say, Zoumbas is famous in the villages of the Municipality of Georgios Karaiskakis? Or Stefos…

But, make no mistake, the one in charge is always the most well-known of the things. Much more so Kahrimanis who does not rest anywhere from election to election.

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Keep small basket

I hear a lot of talk about the new star of SYRIZA. Kasselakis.


I am holding a small basket.

Of course, he also proved to be unplayable in terms of communication.

Certainly and communicatively he conveyed a view of comfortable, intelligent and beautiful that had nothing to do with the wooden language of the left.


Being a communicator does not mean you are a politician.

Make no mistake

And don’t make the mistake of comparing Kasselakis with Tsipras.

The difference is staggering.

Tsipras was both a communicator and a politician.

Kasselakis so far only communication and promotion.

He goes out with his partner and is accidentally met by cameras, goes to the gym with his partner again and is accidentally met by photographers.

We said good communicator.

But politically?

Because the country does not want communicators. Politicians with an opinion and prudence are needed.

On the other hand again

On the other hand, that Ahtsioglou…

New little girl with the wooden outdated phraseology of the left.

And her one-sided obsession with the Left.

Which Left, Efi?

The one we saw with you or the one we had in mind?

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