Žagars: Daile Theater sells tickets to performances only in the form of a safe event

He explained that tickets are only sold in the form of a secure event, or for people who have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have become ill.

Žagars also noted that it is not planned to put on sale performances in a partially safe form or mixed type audience, which is attended by visitors who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, who have become ill with Covid-19 and who have performed the Covid-19 test before the event.

According to the head of DT, the third type of event, where there are different audiences together, is not possible in the theater. Žagars emphasized that due to the specifics of the theater premises, DT could not organize performances in a semi-safe mode – gathering both vaccinated, Covid-19 diseased and tested audiences, dividing the flow of visitors into separate sectors and applying different security measures. In the lobby of the theater it is not possible to separate the streams of spectators so strictly and the theater has a hall without a balcony.

Speaking about how actively the CT team uses the opportunity to get vaccinated against Covid-19, Žagars emphasized that practically all employees of DT who are in contact with other members of the team have been vaccinated.

According to Žagars, out of a team of 180 people, two employees are currently in the process of evaluating vaccination, one has refused to be vaccinated. As this employee works in decoration workshops, there is no need to adjust his job responsibilities at the moment, the head of DT said.

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