“Zacke” suspended throughout 2022 – Guif will appeal

Guifs assistant coach Mattias Zachrisson. Photo: Jörgen Jarnberger, Bildbyrån

Mattias Zachrisson has been sentenced to suspension for the rest of 2022 after illegal betting in connection with the match.

It was when Eskilstuna Guif was to host IFK Kristianstad on February 13 that Mattias “Zacke” Zachrisson decided to play money for victory for Guif. A decision that meant a winning coupon but which now costs him a suspension for the rest of 2022.

Swedish Handball Association’s Disciplinary Committee has in fact convicted Zachrisson of unlawful betting. It is, in the vernacular, according to the rules of sport not allowed to play in matches where you yourself are involved. Regardless of the end result.

The Disciplinary Committee shuts down Zachrisson from 2022-05-20 to 2022-12-31.

During Friday night announced If you need help, you can:

Eskilstuna Guif has today received information from the Swedish Handball Association about illegal betting. In connection with the match Guif – IFK Kristianstad 13 February 2022, assistant coach Mattias Zachrisson has bet that Eskilstuna Guif would win the match. Mattias did not know that even betting on winning for his own team is not allowed.

The Handball Association’s disciplinary committee has investigated the matter and decided that the game was not allowed and that Mattias will be suspended as coach from today’s date until 31/12 2022.

The decision will be appealed.

The board of Eskilstuna Guif

It is worth pointing out that there is no suspicion of crime.

We can also take the opportunity to tip and remind you of the 12-part article series Handbollskanalen published earlier this year. Among other things, SHF told us about the association’s work with education in these matters and the survey we did which showed that 1 out of 3 respondents in SHE and the Handball League had played in their own match.

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