Yvonne Woelke with details of the alleged affair with Peter Klein

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Iris Klein claims her husband Peter cheated on her with Yvonne Woelke. The two jungle camp companions are said to have made themselves a little too comfortable in the Versace Hotel.

Update from January 31, 11:19 am: A lot has happened since the alleged affair of Yvonne Woelke and Peter Klein was shared with the world by his wife Iris Klein. There are new details about the so-called “jungle camp scandal” almost every day. But how should Iris Klein have got wind of the alleged affair? Loud OK! was previously only known that she claims to have heard Yvonne’s voice in the background during a phone call with her husband.

There were probably control calls from Iris Klein – and that’s how Yvonne Woelke goes after the allegations of the affair

Whether that’s reason enough to assume an affair remains to be seen. But now the revealed BILD an insider statement: “She wrote to everyone accompanying her and kept wanting information about what her husband was doing there.” Information was leaked to her that led directly to the marriage crisis. “Iris Klein reacts so hurt because she is said to have lied to her husband,” he said BILD-Informant.

Exactly what information Iris Klein is supposed to have reached, however, remains a mystery. Of course, the resulting situation means consequences for everyone involved. So Peter Klein has to justify himself to an audience of millions and insist that he has no affair with Yvonne Woelke, Iris Klein is labeled by the jungle camp podcast as someone with “little backbone and little style” and Yvonne Woelke has been suffering from blatant bullying attacks ever since.

Here Yvonne Woelke talks in her Instagram story about the bullying attacks that triggered Iris Klein’s allegations of an affair. © Instagram/Yvonne Woelke

Cosimo’s jungle camp accompaniment is said to have said that Yvonne Woelke destroys relationships

On the way home from Australia, Yvonne Woelke posts several stories on Instagram. She makes it clear that she received hate messages from numerous people after the alleged affair through Iris Klein became public. Even jungle queen Djamila Rowe says in one of her stories that bullying should stop immediately. The jungle camp companion of Cosimo Citiolo – his girlfriend – is said to have said that Yvonne destroys relationships.

Update from January 21st, 01:14 am: After the alleged jungle camp sex scandal made a round around the world, Peter Klein now also speaks out: “I didn’t cheat on anyone. I never cheated on my wife,” he said in an interview with RTL. It hurts him and he is doing very badly. Other jungle camp escorts would have deliberately passed information to Iris Klein that, according to Peter, is not correct. “I love you” he says into the camera, addressed to Iris Klein. Then tears flow and a long pause follows.

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He never cheated on her – during the live broadcast, Peter Klein has a message for his iris

“It was never heard in public… That’s why it hurts me all the more,” Peter Klein stutters into the RTL camera. “Do you have the feeling that you have to apologize to Iris Klein?” Asks the RTL presenter during the live broadcast to Olivia Jones and Manuel Flickinger in the program “I’m a star – the hour after” – to which he answers Peter Klein that he must have made some mistakes, but he would never have cheated his iris.

Update from January 21, 10:25 p.m: “A dark cloud hangs over the jungle camp,” jokes Jan Köppen when moderating the new jungle camp episode. “The B-Team is probably playing the sex card,” he says – whatever that means. In any case, it is about the War of the Roses by Yvonne Woelke, Peter and Iris Klein. In the meantime, the Katzenberger mom had packed her suitcase, deleted all the photos together on Instagram and even called off her participation in the stars’ summer house.

Iris Klein raises serious allegations against husband Peter: He is said to have cheated on her with jungle camp companion Yvonne Woelke
Iris Klein raises serious allegations against husband Peter: He is said to have cheated on her with jungle camp companion Yvonne Woelke © Instagram: iris_klein_mama_

“Now it happened again” – Iris Klein makes her husband Peter’s fraud public

“At the Versace, things are solved very grown-up via Instagram,” describes Sonja Zietlow ironically. The two jungle camp moderators ask if there is anything wrong with the War of the Roses – but do not give an adequate answer. Meanwhile, Iris Klein also posted a new selfie on Instagram, under which she wrote: “We tried to save our marriage because I lost my trust and [Glauben] lost to love. Now it happened again…” – Again?

Update from Jan 21 1:29pm: Iris Klein has since deleted her Instagram story and privatized her profile. But now comes a new dramatic message regarding her husband and jungle camp companion from Lucas Cordalis, Peter Klein: “We’ve been saving our marriage for 1 year and building trust again that has already been lost! If he is then with someone else 24/7, is the ‘cuckold’ wife to blame because she has a problem with it?” she asks her followers.

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Iris Klein Instagram-Story
Iris Klein publishes a new Instagram story about Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke’s alleged affair © Instagram (Screenshot)/Iris Klein/IMAGO/Montage HEADLINE24

Jungle camp fans are furious: everyone has an opinion on the alleged affair

Finally, fans on the Internet about the War of the Roses: “Incredible what this little girl is doing in her jealousy delusion!! And everyone believes that shit immediately. In the meantime she has deleted everything and is definitely looking forward to the fact that she is the center of attention again. It would be incomprehensible to me if he stayed with such a woman!! You clarify that internally, no matter how injured you are,” comments a jungle camp fan. But the allegations also fly in the direction of Yvonne Woelke, the companion of jungle camp darling Djamila Rowe.

A shit storm broke out under , last post: “Keep your hands off Iris Klein’s husband Peter !!!! Just friends. We read everything! There are no words for something like you”, “How can you have so little decency?” and “Hope karma catches up with you”, write jungle camp fans under the actress’s beach photos. But there are also fans who see the supposed affair of the jungle camp companions differently: “My goodness, there are always two of them…none of us know if Iris and Peter have been in trouble for a long time”.

Serious allegations against two jungle camp companions – Peter Klein is said to have cheated on Iris

After all, Iris’ Instagram story touches on the topic of the marriage crisis. One fan notes: “Classic misogyny. He cheats – she is accused. So IF, because nobody knows what’s going on here. But the main thing is to blame the woman first. Applause”. Another writes: “It’s all just for show and coordinated people. Chills” – it is unclear what is behind this theory. It also remains to be seen whether the affair will be addressed in tonight’s episode of “I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here”. Here you can find all jungle camp broadcast dates.

First report from January 21, 11:58 am: Serious allegations against Lucas Cordalis’ jungle camp companion Peter Klein have been spreading online since this morning. According to his wife Iris Klein, mother of Daniela Katzenberger, he committed adultery in the Versace Hotel. The 55-year-old published a story on her Instagram profile that describes the fraud. And accuses her husband Peter of cheating on her in Australia.

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Iris Klein makes Peter’s alleged affair with Yvonne Woelke public on Instagram

She claims to have found out that Peter Klein cheated on her with Djamila Rowe’s jungle camp companion Yvonne Woelke and makes it public in her Instagram story. There she writes: “A husband who cheats on his wife has no honor,” Peter threatens to pack tomorrow and writes: “Then you can move in with her !!”, while marking his Instagram account in the story. That should cause an uproar in the jungle camp, after all, jungle camp candidate Lucas Cordalis does not already have the best reputation among his fans.

In the official “I’m a star – get me out of here!” (IBES) podcast, Lucas Cordalis said before he moved into the jungle camp that Peter Klein was the best companion you could imagine. Does he still see it that way? After all, jungle camp candidate Lucas Cordalis also upsets his own fans when he addresses his suffering from the sex withdrawal he is currently going through.

RTL confronts Yvonne Woelke – that’s what Djamila’s jungle camp companion says about the allegations

“I never thought you were so lying!!! I loved you so much and trusted you… and you cheat at the Versace Hotel!!!”, Katzenberger’s mother Iris Klein published in her Insta story, “But thank you for admitting your lies[ge]ben have what I’ve feared for a long time[t] have!” she writes, addressed to her (still?) husband Peter Klein. Now RTL is confronting Yvonne in the Versace Hotel and asking what the allegations are and whether it’s true.

“I can definitely say no… yes,” says Djamila’s jungle camp companion Yvonne, while she nods continuously. She would also find it very bad what is happening right now, because “[Iris] really has a really great man by her side” and would only ruin everything with her jealousy. According to Yvonne Woelke, Peter was “shitty”. She can understand his condition only too well – after all, she has also lived through such “toxic relationships”. (mad)

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