Yvelines: the collar puller returns to prison

It is a type of aggression that generates indignation from all … even that of the aggressor. “I know, what I did is disgusting” thus recognized Billel, 21, in the box of the courtroom of the Versailles criminal court on Monday. A few moments later, the young man was nevertheless sentenced to a one-year prison sentence, including six months suspended. He appeared to have, on August 21, assaulted two women aged 73 and 84 at Chesnay-Roquencourt to steal their necklace.

“Since this story, I am afraid to walk in the street” laments a victim

That day, around 3:30 p.m. in Square Choiseul, Claire had the chain she wore around her neck torn off. “It broke and a piece even remained on my neck,” she testifies. He was a young bearded man. I was shocked even though it only lasted a second. I thought about taking pictures of the thieves with my phone but I was shaking too much. Since this story I am afraid to walk in the street ”. Around 5 p.m. the same day not far from there, rue Pottier, Mireille walks past a cafe. She is approached by two young people. The octogenarian thinks they are asking him for some information but one of them tears off his gold necklace.

The two young people flee. Originally from Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis), they were identified and questioned at the beginning of September by investigators from the urban security of Versailles. The charges are based on CCTV footage, telephony and the testimony of the victims. One of the two, a minor, was released and will be summoned before a children’s judge in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis). As for Billel, he was imprisoned at the Bois-d’Arcy penitentiary while awaiting trial.

“I sold his channel for 150 euros”

In court, he half confesses, arguing that he did not assault Claire, the first victim. “I slept all day and when I went out into the street around 5 pm I assaulted the second victim. I sold his channel for 150 euros, I shared the money with my boyfriend and I bought my little brother a football outfit ”.

His lawyer assured that the evidence was lacking in the file to confuse his client on the first flight. He pleaded in favor of a sentence without incarceration, recalling that Billel had never been convicted. However, the young man returned to prison and was banned from the Yvelines department upon his release.

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